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Wizard alchemy

Wizard Alchemy Blends are potentially Essential Oil Wizardry’s most Popular Products, which are alchemically inspired Therapeutic Formulas, Botanical Perfumes, Ceremonial Blends, Divine-Align: Chakra Set and other Specialized Blends formulated by Dr. Nick and the Essential Oil Wizardry Team.  

Each Wizard Alchemy Blend found here is uniquely designed, distributed exclusively through Essential Oil Wizardry and targeted for very specific goals & aromatic expressions.  There is a deeper amount of information including Product Videos and Descriptions for each product upon clicking on the item. Welcome to our Ever-Expanding World of Essential Oil Wizardry ~ 

Our coveted Wizard Alchemy Blends inspire below <3

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World-Class Essential Oils & Botanicals

Wizard Alchemy Blends


Alchemy Club Membership

The EOW Alchemy Club is a one-of-a-kind monthly subscription service for those seeking an affordable way to explore the wonderful world of botanical alchemy.

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