Doc's Favorite Blends (23 Items)

This alchemical package of Dr. Nick's 23 favorite blends includes the following Wizard Alchemy Blends in 5 mL (Small) / 15 mL (Large) bottles:

  • Choco-NUT
  • Circulatory Flow
  • Coral Waves
  • Desire
  • DreamScape
  • InVigor
  • LucidiOil (5 mL)
  • Moon Cycle
  • Morning Glory
  • Oil of Elevation
  • Pain Relief ICE (PRI)
  • Prabhupad Immune
  • Prosperity
  • Psychic Protection
  • Purity
  • ReSpire
  • Return to Grace
  • Sacred Ritual
  • Sensurotic
  • Stillness
  • Trinity
  • True Bliss
  • Violet Chill

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** If one item is out-of-stock, a single substitution may be added into order -  if multiple items are out-of-stock, you will be contacted.  Please allow up-to a week for processing this order - this is a lot of magick! **

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Doc’s Favorite Blends (33 Items)

This alchemical package of Dr. Nick’s 33 favorite blends includes the following Wizard Alchemy Blends in 5 mL (Small) / 15 mL (Large) bottles:

  • Can Candida – Broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal blend intended for topical use or as an add-in to your oil pulling regimen.
  • Choco-NUT – Great moisturizer, edible lube, chocolatey delight for desserts and botanical perfume.
  • Circulatory Flow – Cooling & Refreshing, stimulates the lymph / kidneys. Great for detoxification, massage onto body after a shower for best absorption. Try on lymph/kidney points!
  • Confidence – Supports your expression from the inside-out.  Amplifies your inner regalness and supports in communication.  Lovely botanical perfume for women!
  • Desire – Sweet, spicy, sensual & sexy botanical perfume! Some heat in this one ~ Apply around the body, wrists, neck and chest. Avoid application on sensitive areas, cinnamon may cause irritation in sensitive individuals.
  • Diviner’s Eye – Sacred Anointing Oil, used for ceremonial purposes. Very grounding and expansive!
  • DreamScape – Lucid Dream Blend. Apply to the wrists, below the nose, bottoms of feet, RIGHT BEFORE Bed for maximum effectiveness.  This one seems to help those that do not dream / “remember” their dreams enter a more vivid dreamspace.
  • Ease-Olution – Soothing to the nervous system, may reduce inflammation, stress and aid with recovery of injuries.  Very unique and powerful blend therapeutically and emotionally.
  • Frank, Myrrh & Gold – Biblical inspired formulation ~ three different species of Frankincense, a steam distillation / CO2 extract of Myrrh and an alchemical extraction of Gold combined with monoatomic gold infused into ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil. Great for meditation and amplifying energy fields / intentions.
  • Immersion – Inspired by Dr. Nick’s first Botanical Immersion Experience, powerful protective blend for ceremonial usage.  Grounding, clears negative energy.  Sacred anointing oil, also worn as a botanical perfume for men.
  • InVigor – Stimulates memory, focus, concentration. Great morning tonic, apply a few drops into the hands, rub hands together, take three deep palm inhalations, and massage back into the scalp!
  • LucidiOil (5 mL) – Sacred anointing oil, great for cleansing an environment, third eye anointing, auric field cleansing. The notes of magick are found in LucidiOil.  Try applying a few drops into the fingertips and snapping around an environment to clear the energy of a space!
  • Moon Cycle – Slows down overactive mind, aids to balance a women’s cycle (most effective in pre-menopausal women from testimonial reports), supportive for deeper quality of sleep.  Apply to lower abdomen, can apply to bottom of the feet.
  • Night On The Town – Soothing, uplifting forest fresh blend, intended as botanical perfume for men and women. Great anointing oil applied to the third eye and wrists.
  • Nurture – Calming & soothing blend, Nurture is as a warm hug from Mom. Great for overactive nervous systems and enhancing your bliss factor in a grounded fashion.
  • Oil of Elevation – Great for meditation, deeper levels of focus and awareness.  Apply to feet, wrist points, third eye and below the nose before meditation / ceremony / ritual.
  • Pain Relief ICE (PRI) – May reduce pain, inflammation or speed recovery from wounds. Applied topically, avoid on open wounds.
  • Positive Transmission – Attracts more positive energy into your field ~ blend of sacred herbs, resins and woods.
  • Prabhupad Immune – Broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. “Thieve’s” Formula equivalent, can be applied to bottom of feet or in a diffuser. Great for homemade cleaning sprays!
  • Prosperity – Speak your truth, support clarity of one’s path. Apply over the throat and solar plexus, around the auric field and the body. Great for protection, expression and grounded clarity.
  • Psychic Protection – Cuts through negative energy immediately.  Apply around the auric field, over and around the body. One of our most powerful formulas ever created!
  • Purity – Cleanses room / environment: Myrrh, Palo Santo & White Sage ~ sacred trinity. Use dynamic diffusion (fingersnap method) around a space to amplify prayer, intention and raise the vibe!
  • ReSpire – Anti-bacterial, anti-viral respiratory blend. Apply a few drops in hands, rub hands together and take several deep palm inhalations. Breaks up phlegm & sputum, stimulates immune system in a good way!
  • Return to Grace – Grounding, opens the heart and elevates the mood.  Exquisite botanical perfume to wear around & on the body to create smiles in yourself and others! Turkish Rose Otto, Moroccan Cedar & Israeli Blood Orange
  • Sacred Ritual – Great for cleansing, intention setting and opening/closing “portals” for higher levels of consciousness.  People report enjoying using with regular daily practices to elevate potency of experiences.
  • Sensurotic – Sensual and erotic, Sensurotic. Botanical Perfume of cacao, sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine ~ anoint onto your body and enjoy other’s enjoyment of your aromatic essence.
  • Sexy Hair – Botanical blend infused in Argan Oil to stimulate hair follicules and support hair growth. Massage into roots / hair.
  • Stillness – Balancing the masculine / feminine energies, brings back into the stillness or the zero point.  Apply around the auric field, around the body and wear as a botanical perfume.
  • Tiki’s Flame – Love, Clarity & Excitement, blend of sacred resins, herbs and flowers to support the emotional body and heart. Cleanses environment of negative energy and enhances mood.
  • Trinity – Great for headaches and muscle rubs.  Balances nervous system.  Apply to the temples, deeply inhale.  Massage into the muscles.
  • True Bliss – Botanical Perfume for men / women, uplifts the mood and invigorates.
  • Unity – Sexy botanical perfume for men / women. Stimulates the physical body and empowers grounded sensuality and play.
  • Violet Chill – Bug Bites, Burns, Stress, Inflammation. Violet Clouds of Calm, apply onto the feet or below the nose. May apply topically to cuts, wounds or infections.

Retail Value ($747 | $1542) ~ Save 26% | 43%)

** If one or two item(s) is out-of-stock, substitution(s) may be added into order –  if three or more items are out-of-stock, you will be contacted.  Please allow up-to a week for processing this order – this is a lot of magick! **

Last Updated July 13th, 2019

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