Essential Oil Wizardry is really excited to share inspiring podcasts with legendary Interviewers including Paul Chek, Ben Greenfield, Matt Belair, Ryan Martin, Sabrina Riccio, Brandon Beachum, Ronnie Landis. These podcast episodes develop multi-sensory perspectives with our Botanical Visionary & Founder Dr. Nick Berry!

Podcasts are a colourful medium, and powerful means to share information swiftly amongst hundreds of thousands or millions of individuals around the world. If you are inspired by these words of wisdom, our botanical expression or reflections of health & wellness, please share our podcasts with your friends! Get ready for DAYS of insightful lifestyle integration from some inspiring health, fitness & entertainment legends here below.

May you In-JOY your Essential Oil Wizardry Podcast Marathon <3

Here’s a list of well transmitted podcasts CEO & Botanical Alchemist Dr. Nick has been featured on since Essential Oil Wizardry’s 2014 inception!


Publications Written by Dr. Nick

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