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C02 Extracts

Our CO2 Extracts are powerful botanical extracts produced from Organic / Wildcrafted plant material.  CO2 Extracts have potential to be roughly 2-3x more potent pharmacologically and aromatically compared to a Steam Distilled Essential Oil based on reports from our primary CO2 Extractor.  CO2 Extracts use Carbon Dioxide as the solvent in conjunction low temperatures and high pressures. Ethanol may also be used as a co-solvent to specify constituents to a higher degree for a desired finished CO2 Extract product.

Using lower temperatures, less degradation is made on the aromatic constituents compared to a Steam Distilled Essential Oil.  CO2 Extracts are phenomenal at removing non-polar molecules, waxes / lipids, terpenoids of many functional groups. Using different extraction specificities, rather full-spectrum Total Extracts (including heavier molecules, waxes / lipids) and Select Extracts (similar to Full-Spectrum Essential Oils). When temperature & pressures are normalized during the end of the CO2 Extraction process in the machine ~ Carbon Dioxide completely leaves the solution, leaving a spectacular CO2 Extract. 

CO2 Extracts are phenomenal for aromatic & perfumery purposes – In-JOY!

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