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Black Pepper Essential Oil


Black Pepper Essential Oil (Piper nigrum)

Black Pepper Essential Oil is a potent therapeutic essence providing properties of a culinary spice, anti-inflammatory, pain modulation and euphoric mood-elevating properties.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Culinary Enhancements
  • Energizes Mind
  • Euphoriant
  • Mood Stimulant
  • Pain Modulation
  • Reduces Pain
  • Relaxes Body
  • Sore Joints/Muscles

Aromatic Scent: Earthy, spicy and mildly peppery ~ pepper extract is surprisingly cool.

Dr. Nick Notes

Black Pepper essential oil became a love of mine early on in my play dates with botanical extracts. Black Pepper oil has a unique, calming yet clear euphoria when taken internally in small concentrations using it in salad dressings or charming a beverage with 1-2 drops. Particularly interesting is taking 1-3 inhalations of this essential oil through an Essential VAAAPP – the flavor is peppery though subtle, warm yet cooling and the effects are euphoric, uplifting and clear. My experience of vaporized Black Pepper feels like an interesting body euphoria, relaxed mind similar to cannabis (with THC) without any head fog... perfectly clear to operate, function along my day-to-day.

As a culinary spice, Black Pepper essential oil really seems to kick up the flavor profile of any dish. It seems to really bring out the other flavors of the dish while expressing itself – a little bit goes a huge way and too much can be overpowering. Amazing to combine with other spice oils (ie. Cinnamon, clove, ginger, star anise) for dishes, beverages and diffusing around the house. Added into a carrier oil can create a powerful anti-inflammatory blend that offers a palpable benefit to pain/swelling – works wonders with Pink Pepper oil! Make sure to give our Chai Perfect a sniff to experience some excellent synergy of Black Pepper essential oil – bless this spice 🙂

How to Use

  • Add into salad dressings, pots of soup and other great family meals (single drops go a long way, start there!)
  • Want to relax your body and enjoy a legal buzz? Vaporize 1-3 inhalations from 1 drop Black Pepper extract inhaled through the Essential VAAAPP or FireFly Vaporizer.
  • Massage into a sore joint or muscle to reduce inflammation and pain – works great with pink pepper!
  • Therapeutically is very active – great in blends, ie. Helichrysum, Ginger, Wintergreen, Peppermint.
  • Interesting for experimentation in botanical perfumery to add spicy notes.
  • Try adding with citrus, spice or flower essences to add into your diffuser – YUM!


Avoid use in pregnancy. Always dilute before applying to skin or body using a carrier oil.

Blends Well With: Blood Orange, Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, Frankincense, Geranium, Ginger, Helichrysum, Orange Essence, Peppermint, Pink Pepper, Star Anise, Turmeric, Vanilla, Yarrow, Ylang Ylang

Cultivation: Organic
Country of Origin: Sri-Lanka | S. Africa OR India (CO2 Extract)
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled or CO2 Extract
Parts of Plant Used: Fruit (Peppercorn)

Terpenes: Beta-Bisabolene, Camphene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalol, Pinene, Myrcene, Phellandrene, Pinocarveol, Sabinene, Alpha-Terpineol, Alpha-Terpenene

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. *


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