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Essential Oil Wizardry is truly your one-stop shop for the world’s finest artisan essential oils and plant alchemy! We offer organic and wildcrafted essential oils, CO2 extracts, rare and exotic floral absolutes from all over the planet, and our own unique Wizard Alchemy Blends.

We’re dedicated to delivering sustainable, holistic, and effective lifestyle solutions for you, with the goal of spreading integrity, heart-centered passion, and worldwide health. We’re here to help you delve deep into the transformational world of plant wisdom. May you be forever botanically inspired.

Popular Products

Nutmeg Massage Oil

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus presents very unique & highly sought after vibrations: a playful, sensual essence which opens the heart, third eye, and allows inner wisdom to shine. Simply intoxicating essence, Blue Lotus is considered one of the most rare & precious extracts on the planet.



ReSpire is a potent respiratory blend with essences documented to have potent anti-viral properties to aid with opening the lungs during times of infection.

Ultrasonic Tulsi Tincture

Heart Harmony

Heart Harmony is a beautiful & potent therapeutic synergy of extracts which aims to keep a person grounded in their body, clearing the energy field, opening the heart, and calming the nervous system. Designed for Practitioners, Body Workers, Massage Therapists, Counselors, and those working with people.

Highlight of the month

Frankincense Sacra is sometimes referred as “Royal Frankincense”, these Hojari resins are sourced from the mountains of Oman in Salalah. The Omani resin is considered the highest grade Frankincense on the planet and is steeped rich in local tradition where the city smells of sacred resins at sundown.

As a wholesale purchaser, Essential Oil Wizardry is contributing to expand Ryan’s Frankincense business.  Empowering him to make a larger import operation possible.


In our most recent community survey, we received a lot of feedback from our larger family about wanting support in modulating levels of stress through these seemingly uncertain times. Here are some of our personal favorite tools that we have been using regularly to support us. We love you all!


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