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The world’s finest artisan essential oils and botanical extracts, offered for your healing and inspiration.

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Essential Oil Wizardry is truly your one-stop shop for the world’s finest artisan essential oils and plant alchemy with over 333+ botanical based products! We offer organic and wildcrafted essential oilsCO2 extracts, rare & exotic floral absolutes from all over the world.

Enjoy our unique Wizard Alchemy Blends, including our Therapeutic Blends, Botanical Perfumes, Ceremonial Creations, Divine Align Chakra Set & Exquisite Perfumes. Definitely test our ultra-therapeutic Ultrasonic Tinctures extracted in-house by our Essential Oil Wizardry team, to experience and commune with the full intelligence of a single plant.

We’re here to help you delve deep into the transformational world of plant wisdom. Our products are energized using various tools, technologies and techniques – We are excited for you to experience the Essential Oil Wizardry difference!

May you be forever botanically inspired ~

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Want to delve deeper? Exclusive exotic extracts, limited blends & synergy tinctures available only to Alchemy Club Members (ie. “Sun Opener“, Aztec Dream Herb, Kanna, Dream Seed, Tantric Trilogy, Jing-Chi, Fresh Love).

Learn more about individual plants, exquisite blends while you play with curated monthly botanical offerings – arriving at your doorstep for as little as $25/month!

Popular Products

Nutmeg Massage Oil

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus presents very unique & highly sought after vibrations: a playful, sensual essence which opens the heart, third eye, and allows inner wisdom to shine.

Simply an intoxicating essence, Blue Lotus is considered one of the most rare & precious extracts on the planet.



Respire is a potent respiratory blend with essences documented to enhance immunity by stimulating white blood cells (ie. Eucalyptus), open the airways (bronchodilation) and yielding broad-spectrum, anti-microbial qualities. Respire is a lovely formulation to keep on-hand during times of infection to support the lungs and strengthen immune function.

Ultrasonic Tulsi Tincture

Heart Harmony

Heart Harmony is a beautiful & potent therapeutic synergy of extracts which aims to keep a person grounded in their body, clearing the energy field, opening the heart, and calming the nervous system.

Designed for Practitioners, Body Workers, Massage Therapists, Counselors, and those working in the healing arts, formula co-created by Paul Chek of the Chek Institute!