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Exquisite perfumes

Exquisite Botanical Perfumes are our boutique collection for true Botanical Perfumes.  Artisan quality, our Exquisite Botanical Perfumes are formulated at small-scale using rare & exotic extractions designed for themed aromatic expressions.  

Designed to enhance a person’s aromatic quality and play with the body’s natural pheromones, our Exquisite Botanical Perfumes use an Organic Craft Spirits (ie. Honey, Lychee, Coconut, Orange) as the base to produce a specific aromatic effect.  Ranging from sensual, wild, expressive, forest freshness, cacao beauty, deep earth, smoky campfire, the potential is as expansive as our imagination and the artistic botanical kingdom. 

Exquisite Botanical Perfumes are Essential Oil Wizardry’s upper echelon of aromatic delights for personal and social pleasures.  Find yourself into a new, divine reality with our Exquisite Perfumes!

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