Solaris Perfume




Solaris Perfume

~ Earth Wizardry ~

Exquisite Botanical Perfume formulated with & for our Team Wizard Erik, Solaris Perfume is a delightful exploration of chocolate, floral delight weaving deep woody hues with a touch of herbaceous spice on the front-end.  Very euphoric & delicious!

Ingredients – 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils / CO2 Extracts infused into Organic Honey Spirits

  • Wildcrafted Cacao Absolute (France)
  • Carnation Absolute (Egypt)
  • Wildcrafted Himalayan Cedar (India)
  • Organic Nutmeg (Sri-Lanka)
  • Organic Blood Orange (Italy)
  • Wildcrafted Peru Balsam Absolute
  • Organic Rosemary Verbenone (S. Africa)

Docta’s Notes: Solaris Perfume envelopes a heavenly woody chocolate aroma, soft and delicate, yet tenacious and delectable for hours.  When applied onto the skin, the notes of transform through various layers of colourful hues.  The front delivers bright citrus Blood Orange woven with deep vanilla, honey-nectar like Peru Balsam and a rich chocolate.  A drip of Nutmeg adds a lovely euphoria, rich with spice and warmth, while a kiss of Rosemary lifts the deep notes of this blend. Himalayan Cedar deepens and smooths the aroma, really bringing the different extracts altogether into one lovely palette.  Carnation Absolute kisses the mixture, adding a soft floral hue honouring the divine.

Take a deep inhalation of Solaris Perfume, what you will discover is a bright soft pillow of chocolatey euphoria that drips the depth of sacred woods, bright with citrus sparkle which lasts for hours.  Solaris Perfume is a Custom Blend produced for one of our head team wizards Erik, birthed of our co-inspiration as a BeEarth Day gift.  May you find this delicious blend to be nourishing on many layers of your life!

Uses:  Worn as an exquisite botanical perfume to support your sensuality, invite connection, euphoria and mood elevation. Apply to the wrist points, around the neck, chest. This delectable botanical perfume is delightful applied to your clothing adornments (ie. scarf, shawl, bandana, headpieces, etc.) ~

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. *

Last Updated September 6th, 2021.

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5 mL Exquisite Perfume, 10 mL 5 mL Exquisite Perfume, 30 mL Exquisite Perfume

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Solaris Perfume
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