Jungle Spice Perfume

~ Wild & Exotic ~

Jungle Spice Perfume ~ Dangerously erotic wild jungle fragrance with wildcrafted exotic extracts to bring your exotic sensuality out to play.

Ingredients - 100% pure & natural essential oils/CO2 Extracts/Floral Absolutes infused into Organic Honey Spirits

  • Wildcrafted Amyris (Haiti)
  • Wildcrafted Arborvitae (Canada)
  • Cassie Absolute (Egypt)
  • Organic Mace (Sri-Lanka)
  • Mimosa Absolute (Egypt)
  • Wildcrafted Ravensara (Madagascar)
  • Wildcrafted Rhododendron (Nepal)

Docta’s Notes

Latest collaboration exquisite botanical perfume  is amplifying our stoked vibe! This exquisite blend marries beautiful Rhododendron, Cassie & Mimosa Absolute, Arborvitae (AKA tree of life), Mace, Ravensara & Amyris for a truly unique experience ~ Deep spicy top-notes of Arbor Vitae & Ravensara lead to a rich tropical tone of Mace & Rhododendron where the sprinkles of magickal floral essences of Cassie & Mimosa shine light and depth through.  A perfect match of sweet, seductive and spicy energy that wear well on the skin ~ the Jungle Spice journey continues to unravel and evolve for about 4-8 hours with deeper floral hues whispering and lasting as the scent evolves.

The name "Jungle Spice" is inspired by the sacred plants Cassie & Mimosa, known to contain elevated levels of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). We are stoked by this phenomenal blend of botanical extracts enriched by Organic Honey Spirits ~ nothing else quite like Jungle Spice Perfume to invite out your wildest side!

Uses: Worn on the wrists and around the body to invoke wilderness, spice and excitement. Wears well with exotic pheromones, an experience of lust and playful desire.

Last Updated Dec 26, 2019


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    Jungle Spice
    Jungle Spice
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