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~ Chocolate & Coconut ~


French Cacao Absolute (Grape Alcohol Extracted)
Organic Cocoa, CO2 Extract
Organic Coconut Pulp, CO2 Extract

infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil (Essential Oil Blend)

Docta's Notes: Choco-Nut: Decadent, luscious, sexy. Words that enter consciousness through one simple inhalation. As the rich Chocolate hits the nostrils, the Coconut balances the sweetness and adds a buttery dimension of yum. Cacao Absolute and Cocoa CO2 Extract are blended to find a rich balance of chocolate divinity in a bottle. The CO2 Select Extract of Organic Coconut Pulp is carefully blended in Choco-Nut to bring together the decadence of cacao & coconut into a sensational blend.

Choco-Nut is an epic Botanical Perfume to be worn on the body. Careful, you will smell so delicious someone may attempt to eat you!  Choco-Nut is a wonderful ally to bring into the bedroom to discover a perfect union of play & passion.  Choco-Nut can be safely used as a delightful edible lube that smells like decadence, and the feel on the skin is smooth and nicely moisturizing, absorbed into the body readily and smoothly.

Uses: Choco-Nut is to be applied to the body as a botanical fragrance. A curious botanical perfume to explore with lovers & friends, amazing to slather the body with after sun or shower. Best shared with others!  Works well applied to the lips or areas of body needing additional moisture ~ smells divine!

Birthed on 4-7-14 :: In-JOY!

Last Updated December 22, 2019.

4 reviews for Choco-Nut

  1. Billy P. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usUnited States

    This Oil is UNREAL. I cannot even fathom the works of Dr. Nick ~ Choconut is so surreal and so beautiful beyond words, he has truly captured the Comforting, Grounding, & Spirit Filled Essence of Cacao… IN A BOTTLE! It smells so incredible, you just wanna eat it up lol!

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  2. Sara

    Love the smell!!

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  3. Myriam Desrosiers

    Myriam Desrosiers (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usUtah, United States

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  4. Tasha Zigerelli

    Super yummy and delicious you want to eat it! I LOVE this blend and I have given it to friends who are bodyworkers and they love it. Really makes for a lovely addition to a body care self love routine! Highly recommend

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