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Essential Oil Wizardry’s Therapeutics span many targeted support categories including: Pain, Inflammation, Stress, Focus, Respiratory, Breathing, Digestive Support, Wound Recovery, Discomfort with Hormone Imbalances, Stimulate Immune System, Support Shifting Addictions / Developing New Habits, Burns, Bug Bites, Bug Repellent and a Natural (Effective) Spray Deodorant. Dive in and you’ll discover many Holistic Lifestyle Solutions, that REALLY work!

Our Therapeutic Formulas are inspired by the vast literature published on Mechanism of Action on ~ Formulated with Love & Grace by Dr. Nick Berry, our resident Holistic Pharmacist (Pharm. D). Therapeutic Formulas are typically used topically and/or inhaled for aromatherapy purposes. Artfully crafted using a delicate balance between theory & intuition for selection of Botanical Extracts and their optimum synergies.

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