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The Therapeutic 12

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The Therapeutic 12

The Therapeutic 12 includes 12 of Essential Oil Wizardry's most useful Therapeutic Formulas from the Wizard Alchemy Blend collection in 5 mL (Small) / 15 mL (Large) bottles.  The Therapeutic 12 is the best Essential Oil Starter Kit ~ rich with therapeutic essential oil blends, quintessential for most households and families to aid with a myriad of health opportunities.  The Therapeutic 12 Essential Oil kit includes the following essential oil blends:

  • Alleviate - Anti-inflammatory, regenerative formulation to aid with wound recovery and reduce inflammation through topical use.  Not for application on skin in direct sunlight, may cause photosensitivity reaction.
  • Can Candida - Broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal blend intended for topical use or as an add-in to your oil pulling regimen.
  • Circulatory Flow - Cooling & Refreshing, stimulates the lymph / kidneys. Great for detoxification, massage onto body after a shower for best absorption. Try on lymph/kidney points!
  • Digestif - Broad spectrum formulation that aids with bacterial infection, supports stomach upset, gas, bloating.  Super handy during travels to counteract active food poisoning, with greatest effectiveness during initial infection!
  • InVigor - Stimulates memory, focus, concentration. Great morning tonic, apply a few drops into the hands, rub hands together, take three deep palm inhalations, and massage back into the scalp!
  • Moon Cycle - Slows down overactive mind, aids to balance a women's cycle (most effective in pre-menopausal women from testimonial reports), supportive for deeper quality of sleep.  Apply to lower abdomen, can apply to bottom of the feet.
  • Pain Relief ICE - May reduce pain, inflammation or speed recovery from wounds. Applied topically, avoid on open wounds.
  • Immunity Oil - Broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. "Thieve's" Formula equivalent, can be applied to bottom of feet or in a diffuser. Great for homemade cleaning sprays!
  • Release - Powerful formulation to aid with pattern interruption, creating new habits and balancing blood sugar levels.  Can be infused in a diffuser & inhaled regularly or often used as a tincture formulation.
  • ReSpire - Anti-bacterial, anti-viral respiratory blend. Apply a few drops in hands, rub hands together and take several deep palm inhalations. Breaks up phlegm & sputum, stimulates immune system in a good way!
  • Trinity - Great for headaches and muscle rubs.  Balances nervous system.  Apply to the temples, deeply inhale.  Massage into the muscles.
  • Violet Chill - Bug Bites, Burns, Stress, Inflammation. Violet Clouds of Calm, apply onto the feet or below the nose. May apply topically to cuts, wounds or infections.

Last Updated December 13, 2023.

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1 review for The Therapeutic 12

  1. Liv (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    The blends are amazing! This set was shipped to me in Wales , I’m blown away by the quality and how new smells come through with each return. Pure magick.

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