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~ Carter’s Inspiration ~

Alleviate Blend is a potent synergy of regenerative herbs, plants, flowers, resins & spices designed to reduce inflammation, aid with wound healing and reduce scarring.

Organic Arnica, CO2 Extracted (Bosnia | Herzegovina)
Organic Black Cumin, CO2 Extracted (India)
Organic Copaiba Balsam (Peru)
Organic Helichrysum (Bosnia | Herzegovina)
Rose Absolute (Morocco)
St. John’s Wort, CO2 Extracted (Austria)
Organic Turmeric, CO2 Extracted (Vietnam)

infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil

Docta's Notes

Alleviate Blend was the first essential oil product we had named through a contest on our Instagram channel! This powerful formula was intuited by Carter Lipnick, our partner and team member at EOW and co-created together before his journey to Colorado. Alleviate is a potent blend of anti-inflammatory, regenerative extracts that have known properties to reduce bruising, scarring and speed the recovery of injuries (vulnerary plants).

Arnica montana is a plant that is used for reducing bruising and aids in reducing inflammatory response. Black Cumin offers a host of beneficial Omega Fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties making the blend more nutritive. Rose Absolute provides anti-viral properties and is known as a supportive vulnerary plant to reduce scarring. St. John’s Wort can be great to aid skin after burns, cuts and is a wondrous topical support extract (Avoid application when exposed to direct sunlight). Turmeric also reduces inflammation and provides some anti-microbial activity.

The synergy behind this formulation provides a superior topical solution to aid in the recovery of injuries with the intent of shortening the duration of injury time and maximizing the recovery results. Let us know what you feel about Alleviate!


  • Apply directly onto fresh/dried wounds as needed 1-3x/day.
  • Can rub onto sprains, cuts, bruises or over injuries as needed.
  • AVOID APPLYING ON SKIN EXPOSED TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT – may cause photosensitive reaction.

6 reviews for Alleviate

  1. Gabrielle Dutton

    Gabrielle Dutton (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usWisconsin, United States

    So nice on the lower back and feet when You feel a bit tired emotionally and/or physically.

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  2. Caryn Stockwell

    This product was named by Caryn Stockwell upon creation by Carter Lipnick … not through an Instagram contest, but rather in person through direct contact with the oil. I still have an original sample from the original creation.

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  3. Wizard Nick

    Nick Wizard (store manager)

    Wow Josef – Amazing report for Alleviate, I had never explored this novel blend for insect bites. Thank you so much for your reflections and sharing your experiences with our community!

  4. Josef (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    In Florida, insects bite. Black Fire Ants & Yellow Flies : application of Alleviate 4-8 times/day after being biten by Florida insects (in my recent experience) can offer near 100% recovery in just 24 hours.
    I had a severe histamine response after placing my foot in an unseen Black Ant (exact species unknown) nest. Alleviate has kept swelling low and itching is almost non-existent.
    Yellow Flies “bite” by inserting their “tongue” between cells and like a straw help themselves to human blood (particularly found in swampy areas), Alleviate (in my experience) acts as a Majestic cure by the next day, swelling is gone and “bite” location is almost healed (4 locations).
    BIG FAN.

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  5. Josef Rhodes (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usUnited States

    Powerfully clean, coherence of hemispherical communion, dancing delectible sensations while this blend echoes brilliance. Must have in the medicine bag (glad I did).

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  6. Rocco S. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usNew York, United States

    Use this on some of the hand cuts I get from training

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  7. Gene Flynn (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    Use it for my over worked joints

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