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~ Anti-Viral Solutions ~

Simplex Blend ~ Powerful broad-spectrum, anti-microbial extracts formulated to support topical outbreaks / infections.

Organic Clove Bud (Madagascar)
Wildcrafted Ravensara (Madagascar)
Organic Tamanu (Madagascar)
Organic Blue Yarrow (S. Africa)

infused into ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil (Essential Oil Blend)

Docta's Notes

Simplex Oil is a formulation inspired to support during viral outbreaks (ie. Herpes Simplex). The formulation was inspired by Kurt Schnaubelt’s recommendation using a 50/50% combination of Ravensara aromatica / Tamanu (Foraha) to reduce the severity and duration of Herpes outbreaks. This formulation is used as the base inspiration and marries the potent anti-inflammatory / anti-infective Clove Bud with Blue Yarrow.

Simplex Blend is a non-clinically tested formulation inspired as a topical anti-viral to support during other treatments for localized topical infections. It seems to aid / numb / minimize the localized discomfort of a cold sore and potentially reduces the overall scarring with regular usage (see Tamanu).


  • Skin patch test with 1 drop on skin before applying – test first to avoid potential irritation.
  • Avoid use on sensitive skin, very potent formula.
  • Can be applied topically neat or diluted onto an outbreak or topical infection.
  • Apply thin layer on infected area: dilute to ~10% when applying to sensitive areas.

2 reviews for Simplex

  1. Ellen Bird

    Ellen Bird (store manager)

    Thank you so much for sharing this vulnerable information with our audience, as it supports so many others! It warms my heart to hear that our formulation has offered you relief and supported you in your healing process.

  2. Anonymous

    I wanted to share that the Simplex formulation has helped me quicken the healing process of both oral and genital herpes. Even on my body, which tends towards the sensitive side of things, putting Simplex on my most sensitive areas was beneficial, with no stinging or irritation. Highly recommend this formula for anyone who is having an outbreak anywhere on their body and wants to reduce the discomfort and recovery time. You are not alone <3

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  3. Heather Power

    I love Simplex! I have had a big bottle of it for a couple of years, but hadn’t used it much. Intuitively I grabbed for it during a breakout on my skin remembering that Clove has anti-viral properties. Like magic, my broken out skin healed LITERALLY overnight. Ahhh the power of herbs!

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