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Docta Approved Products

We are proud to share a list featuring our own custom packages and partner products / leading edge technologies to support you and your loved ones during these potent times of transformation!  These products have been personally used, tested & vetted by Dr. Nick since 2012. 

We’re honoured to share that we have integrated many of these technologies into the EOW Lab.  All supplements have been tested and explored by Dr. Nick and the EOW Team for a trial or are part of a semi-regular regimen.  Anything we recommend may be regularly integrated or has had a successful trial where clear therapeutic value is perceived.

This page comprises unique products & technologies that Dr. Nick has discovered and personally believes in the potency, integrity & value added to support your life now. Many products / technologies listed below have generously offered a community discount to make them more accessible.

MAGICk-Integrity-value-5d Business

Our Commitment

Affiliate Disclaimer: First & foremost, we value our community and believe in the integrity of these technologies – we share this list because of the value we have found them to add.  We gratefully accept any commissions because these products / companies share values and see sharing next-level products where everyone wins (you, developer, EOW, planet) is a beneficial model when shared with integrity from the heart.  We believe in sustainable Win / Win / Win for all parties involved!  

We share these tools / technologies is because we care about living a vibrant lifestyle ~ Dr. Nick has found value for each of these products in either his own personal & professional life.  Many of these partners have both offered a special discount to our community, and an affiliate commission to share in the abundance for purchases of these products.  Our commitment to you is to never sacrifice integrity for profits, and we hope that you receive as much value from these products as Dr. Nick has found them to provide in his lifestyle.  Let us know how you enjoy these many treasures spanning multiple categories of magick.  In-JOY!

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