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BioGeometry Clearing Tray

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Biogeometry Clearing Tray

Biogeometry is based on the work / research of Dr. Ibraham Karim, a man well studied in Egyptian Sciences.  These clearing plates are one of the most cost economical and powerful devices I've found for energizing / clearing the oils.  There seems to be a notable change / enhancement of the aroma with the oils when applied directly onto the center of the tray.  Usually this a device I use to amplify our end products after all other energetic attunements are made.  My experience is this seems to energize and harmonize all the energetic attunements and bring the formulation to it's highest expression. Often times to me, this is a brighter, more alive expression from the oil, aromatically.

Personal Experience:  I have shared in the past I use this device to subjectively mitigate radiation applied to the oils (ie. x-rays in airport security) when I travel.  This has not been tested or verified by BioGeometry as the message below conveys.  I do notice an enhancement of quality aromatically when applying the oil bottle on top of the clearing tray.  They believe that the BioGeometry Charging Tray (not stocked with EOW) may also be a helpful synergy to restoring the energy quality on all levels fully.

Usage:  Apply your favorite oil bottle, beverage or food on top of the center of the Clearing Tray for 60+ seconds.  Our target goal is 10-15 minutes 🙂

Last Updated November 5, 2020

Message from Biogeometry Team (Y. Morsy, 10/12/20):  Regarding the radiation, we would have to do extra measurements to see if the energy level is restored on all levels (vital, emotional, mental) or if something like the charging tray would need to be added as an addition to the clearing.

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2 reviews for BioGeometry Clearing Tray

  1. Liz Letchford

    Liz L. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usCalifornia, United States

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  2. daniel lowe (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    WOW!. I was un-sure if this product worked and was very sceptical so I did an experiment with one of my good friends (who was even more sceptical than i was.) and did the smell test and we both noticed and increased aroma and it seemed to last a longer time when applied to the skin which i thought was phenomenal. The idea of bio geometry it’s quite amazing and it really does work, i’d highly recommend this to anyone.

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