Essential Oil Wizardry’s Absolutes are Solvent Extracted, Full-Spectrum Extracts. Absolutes are an industry standard for Full-Spectrum Extracts and provide very rich, beautiful, and full aromatic profiles.  Our Absolutes we offer are typically floral in nature, including Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute & Blue Lotus Absolute, which (MOST) are unable to be distilled to produce an essential oil – the delicate aromatic molecules from flowers get easily destroyed in the distillation process.

Using Low Temperature, delicate aromatic compounds may be collected from plant material.  Solvents used are typically Pharmaceutical Grade Hexane, a non-polar solvent or Ethanol (Alcohol). After the aromatic compounds are removed from the plant material, the solvent is evaporated and an aromatic Concrete is produced.  This rich, aromatic Concrete is washed with Ethanol to collect the aromatic constituents while waxes / lipids are left behind. The solution is collected and alcohol is evaporated at low temperature.

Our resultant product is a beautiful Absolute Extract and carries a full-spectrum aromatic profile. These final products tend to range from Semi-Solid Extracts to thick / viscous Absolute Extract which are very extravagant in aromatic qualities for botanical perfumery.

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