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Consult w/ Dr. Nick

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~ Counsel With The Wizard ~

Loving Message From Dr. Nick Berry, Pharm. D.
Founder of Essential Oil Wizardry

After years of service to 10,000's of people in the form of botanical medicine production, sourcing and consultations, my journey has finally cultivated the clarity to deepen my relationship with our community and I feel ready to offer one-on-one time to counsel.  My journey of acquiring wisdom has been one of tens-thousands of hours since graduating Pharmacy School in 2009, studying basic Alchemy Arts for 1 year and exploring countless of other healing modalities to build an inner value worth investing in.  My education through products, service and schooling has cost me well over a quarter of a million dollars ($250,000 ) and with the amount of practical experience I have shared freely, I have been gifted wisdom for deep listening to aid people in finding deeper levels of alignment.

What I've witness is when people are willing to invest in themselves and their health, they tend to listen on a deeper level and have more motivation to integrate the wisdom and suggestions into their personal practice.  When people honour my time and energy, they seem to value their own time and energy invested.  I've given away thousands of hours of guidance to get to this point to acknowledge and appreciate my current value as a force of love with wisdom that integrates nutrition, botanical extracts, energetics, technology, spiritual practices and other healing modalities.

My goal is to provide abundant information for all beings at no-cost through our website, essential oil videos, podcast education & social media platforms.  To date we've created approximately two hundred videos sharing about energetic qualities of essential oils, botanical extracts, various extraction techniques and with hopes that my energy one day positively affects millions around the world.  In 2019 I estimate that approximately 100k-130k people have experienced my medicine in one of it's forms since 2009 ~

If you are interested in diving in deeper and tapping into my balance of botanical~esoteric~scientific~lifestyle expression, I'm feeling ready to co-create an experience to know thy expression of vitality more fully.  This can be a private consultation, or in a more public forum with an intimate group during a Transformational Botanical Retreat, or even the possibility of a Personalized Retreat.  People whom have synergized with me for days at a time reported that aside from the botanical medicine we weave here in Ashland, the lifestyle I live seems to be the most valuable education to integrate.

We are all capable of living the dreams we choose to create ~ We all deserve to experience vibrant health.  Sometimes this takes us to break and recreate new patterns in our lives.  People tend to find me at the perfect moment when they are ready for their lives to shift ~ trust your intuition. If you are resonating with what I have shared, this is your opportunity to follow your heart.

We start off with generalized botanical support to address and support different areas of your life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) within my toolbox at EOW and other practices or products which I have found to be useful.  I choose to trust in my access in the moment to guide the free-flow of our time together.  We can discuss and intend upon goals for future consultations should you find benefit and wish to co-create further ~

Upon selecting your Consultation option and successfully purchasing a time with me, our team will reach out to you and find the perfect window to weave together for an internet or phone call together (Typically within 24-48 hours during business hours).  We are so grateful to our Alchemy Club Community so we have created access to a discounted rate for a personal dive together!  Please note that I travel 2-3x / year to rural locations that do not always have internet connection and during my travels, my availability may be reduced.

~ So Grateful to Inspire Together ~ 

Last Updated July 11, 2019

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