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YES Lab Products (H2 C60, PIL Minerals, Superfoods, etc.)


Youth Eternal Supreme Lab Products

~ Epic Next-Level Bioavailable Nutrients ~

Youth Eternal Supreme (YES) Lab Products deliver superior quality superfoods, bioavailable nutrients & C60 products enhanced with Advanced Resonance Plasma Technology.  Get ready for YES Level metacine!

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Docta's Notes

I've been personally enjoying the next-level products formulated by YES brand for about two years and I'm truly impressed with their products for peak-level health & well-being.  I'm delighted to share YES Lab Products with our online audience as I have shared with friends in real-time with great joy.  These are truly some of the most potent organic superfoods and bioavailable mineral products I've ever found on the market.

Here's Information directly from the YES Website, taken on January 31st, 2021.  Below the introduction to the products, I will specify SOME of my favorite products!

The official home of naturally effective scientific developments through the Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology (ARP Tech) specifically designed and developed by our YES Lab Team for better health, vital longevity and reversing of aging. 

Here you can find unique, innovative, easy to use, yet surprisingly and positively life changing health tools or products that everyone can utilize daily in a simple way and benefit profoundly regardless of ones age, and or life circumstance.

What can these tools do for us?

  • Protect and cleanse your body from the negative EMFs, ELFs and nuclear radiation.*
  • Balance and rejuvenate all organs and the systems of the body.*
  • Harmonize the emotional and mental state of being.*
  • Help the bodily cells repair and self heal.*
  • Rebalance the necessary precursors to ones well being.*
  • Revitalize all bodily systems through cellular efficacy.* 
  • Properly hydrate and purify on the cellular levels.*
  • Support the immune system in recognizing and eradicating the pathogenic intruders.* 
  • Establish a deeper connection to ones higher consciousness and inner Intuition.*
  • and so much more...

Here's a list of some of my favorite products:

  • YES Lab Carbon 60 Fullerene (99.99+% Carbon Isolate) ARP Tech Bio Activated and 100% Solvent Free
  • Golden Ray-Liquid Light
  • H2 C60 Fullerene Skin Care
  • World's Best Plasmatic Ionic Liquid Minerals (PIL Minerals) C60 Fullerene Enhanced!
    • Magnesium
    • Iodine
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Zinc
  • PROTEIN Cell Restore (Oat)
  • Soothing Grass Crystals (Barley and Wheat Grass)
  • 12 Immunity Mushrooms
  • H2 Organic Sulfur/MSM (Bio Activated, Hydrogen Ion Reinforced)
  • YES! Health Soup Spices
  • C60 H2 Advanced Toothpaste CHOCOLATE/MINT (Mineral and Herbal)

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~ Last Updated October 27th, 2022 ~


** These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have history of seizure disorder or any other medical condition, consult your physician before using these products. **

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