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Dennis Berry’s Yes I Can Buttons

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Dennis Berry's Yes I Can! Button

~ Reminds Me Art ~

This page is a dedication to Dennis Eric Berry, father of Dr. Nick: Dennis' generosity and playful expression is forever an inspiration to the whole Essential Oil Wizardry tribe.  These are for those touched by Dennis free gift offerings, Dennis "Yes I Can" Buttons that you have received with any Essential Oil Wizardry order.  If you wish to play along and perpetuate the cycle of more gifts into the world, you are welcome to invest in additional Reminds Me Art Buttons. We envision our Reminds Me Art Button's as an add-on gift offering to our Essential Oil Wizardry community.  If you have enjoyed carrying a piece of Dennis with you and are inspired to gift one to others whom you love, you are empowered to invest into additional Buttons.

Dennis philosophy is that the three most powerful words in the Universe are "Yes I Can!".  My father Dennis would produce art buttons everywhere he went and gift these precious Art buttons to strangers and friends alike.  They were tips with his restaurant meals, he would observe musicians perform and share a sketch of them at the conclusion of the performance.  His belief: his Yes I Can circles serve as physical reminders that all things are possible - You need to believe them to be possible!  Believe this in your heart of heart and keep your circle in a special place like your altar or meditation zone.  Dennis told people to keep this Yes I Can Button as a reminder in your wallet and keep his Buttons right next to the "green" (money) to amplify your receiving power.  Dennis put smiles on thousands of faces of all kinds as a kind, loving & eccentric man ~

Our team will select one of thousands of different art buttons to send to you.  Perhaps one day we will make Dennis' dream come to life and cultivate as a stand alone offering to showcase Dennis Berry's (Dr. Nick's Father) artwork.  This project is a celebration and memorial to loving our fathers and the divine masculine on this planet.  Returning to love together, we hope that Dennis artwork inspires you and reminds you that any thing you put your heart into is possible!  My father's favorite three words in the Universe: Yes I Can!

~ He Is Still Beyond The Grave ~

Love from Dennis Berry, Dr. Nick & The EOW Tribe


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