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~ A powerful harmonizing device which claims to help mitigate EMF radiation associated with 4G/5G & doubly serves as an effective water structuring device ~

Docta’s Notes

This device was actually sent to me initially by the company as a gift to support our work and the quality of my life.  I am still very touched by this generous gesture and when I received the green “Vedic” device, I had ZERO expectations – I’ve heard of the Somavedic devices but having one arrive to our property was my first initial exploration for the device!

I wish to note that our home temple feels really good at baseline: it is a geodesic dome built with all cedar & stone, and we had at time of setup, our LeelaQ, Star Shield, Quantum iQube, and other applied BioGeometry tools in the space.  Fortunately our nervous systems already feel minimally impacted by EMF prior to the device installation. Regarding EMF mitigation, I’m not feeling much added benefit on-top of what we are already used to in our Enchanted Dome, with the geometry and added tools.  This isn’t to say the device is not stellar for that regard (I haven’t experienced this in my circumstances as this is not an active issue at our Enchanted Dome), I’m just not able to adequately judge as a result!

Here’s my Personal report after approximately two months of usage:

I recognize some potent shifts with the Somavedic device – specifically with the water enhancing qualities. Our normal water charging protocol is to structure our locally sourced spring water with the UMH water device and then stir with the Analemma crystal wand. Sometimes we will add in minerals or Double Helix Water into the beverage. The device had an enclosed postcard regarding detoxification support & I chose to start my day off with 2 Liters of water and I squeezed 1.5 limes into it (slight modification) with some French sea salts and let the water mixture charge on the device for about an hour.

I noticed that my body was absorbing the water even more deeply and the flavor is even more sweet and enjoyable than my previous water structuring routine – which I have been very pleased with. Water charging is the aspect I have been most impressed with the device – the versatility with water structuring (that seems / tastes potent – note: I’ve only used the water charging capabilities combined with my other tech to date) and creating a slightly more harmonic space, especially noticed at closer distances.

When I am in close proximity to the device, I notice a soft soothing quality to my emotional & mental body.  I feel a sense of being plugged into a energetic neutralizer when I place my hand on the device. For the price the device is being offered for, the Somavedic Green Medic seems very fair and accessible as a supportive product with great value, especially compared to many comparable products on the market!

Surprisingly during the first onboarding of the device, I had emotionally challenging days which is more uncommon to me – with wide polarity of high bliss and low thoughts / ideas. I am impressed at the level the water is being absorbed into my body / cells, and the level of detox I initially experienced as a result (for me approximately 1 month with 2 weeks of higher intensity).  Stick with it and drink plenty of great water and you’ll come out the other end more hydrated and mental clear.  Unplug the device for a few days if the detoxification is too powerful during the onboarding ~ **PERHAPS my detoxification was deeper and longer because of the additional minerals and water structuring techniques to my daily 64 oz of AM drinking water**

The Vedic device is definitely active & potent from my experience and I perceive this device offers a great 2-1 tool at a very reasonable price for EMF mitigation and water structuring rolled into one.  My personal opinion is if you can afford about a thousand dollar investment and are looking for either EMF mitigation OR water structuring, this device will suit both utilities well – I would invest in this technology myself, had I not been gifted this device, knowing what I have experienced so far with it!

Now my personal water structuring process includes placing a 64 oz bottle next to the Soma Vedic before my AM consumption, in addition to the protocol: (Our normal water charging protocol is to structure our locally sourced spring water with the UMH water device and then stir with the Analemma crystal wand. Sometimes we will add in minerals or Double Helix Water into the beverage.)

Because of my positive experience with the device, I’ve reached out to Somavedic requesting to become an affiliate distributor for their products.  Please use coupon code “doctaapproved” at their checkout page to save 10% from their Somavedic products!! 

Available for purchase from Somavedic’s website HERE

Notes from our Friends at Somavedic (October 6, 2022)

Somavedic is designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones. Creating a coherent field covering more than 2,800+ square feet.

Available for purchase from Somavedic’s website HERE

Last Updated October 6, 2022.

** This product has not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have history of seizure disorder or any other medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. **


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