UMH – Structured Water Devices


UMH – Structured Water Devices

Best Water Structuring Device I’ve discovered on the market – hands down.  Austrian manufactured.  Strong, durable – you can taste and feel the difference drinking structured water produced using this device.  Even the plastic funnel for the portable UMH Live travel adaptor is lined with Rhodium so your water zings and vibes high.  Our company has invested in numerous of these devices over the years as we have expanded – one Rhodium UMH Live for our lab, one Gold UMH Live to share with others during travel adventures, a UMH Alpha to grace the waters for our home, and most freshly (August 2021, not yet connected / experienced) the complete Master Home Whole House Structured Water Unit to vibe our gardens, showers, sink waters.

Learn a little more about each device below, excerpts are taken from the Be Life Water website and my own personal experience since 2017 are infused into these writings below.  Truly this has been some of the most powerful transformational health technology in my repertoire and these devices can easily last for decades!  Their design is very thoughtful with premium quality materials and I wholeheartedly recommend these to Everyone interested in supercharging their health ~

UMH Live

The UMH Live water device contains portable fittings which can easily be traveled with across the world.  You can even turn plain “dead” bottled water on the plane into a vital water which nourishes your body’s cells like a fresh hydrating spring water.  I’ve been drinking water using this device since 2017 and it’s been one of the best financial investments of my life, for my health.  This was my gateway to drinking structured water – In-JOY.

The UMH Live does not contain any plastics or artificial building materials. It is made of high-quality lead-free brass and plated in 24 karat gold. Inside of the UMH Live you will find a pyramid-shaped polished quartz crystal on the top of the inside composition. The quartz crystal pyramid helps to create a double helix flow pattern and splits up the water stream when running through the device. Underneath the crystal pyramid, there are 7 different borosilicate glass vials filled with proprietary liquid mixtures that resonate at specific frequencies. Each vial emits a resonant frequency, and together harmonically attune as super crystals. The resultant energy field is highly sustainable, and directly influences the molecular structure of the water as it runs through.

UMH Alpha

The UMH Alpha is a stand alone unit using the UMH Live for it’s water structuring capability and adding a slick, clean design which takes very little counter space.  The UMH Alpha combines the UMH Live (sphere) with a stand that can be placed on a table or counter top so that you can fill your structured water directly into a glass, bottle or jug. The UMH Alpha is versatile. You can place it on your kitchen counter, or easily twist it out of the stand and combine it with the UMH Travel Kit to turn it into a portable device that you can put in your bag to use with your friends while traveling or outdoors.

Consider this your manual home unit, which is easily converted to a travel kit using the UMH Live Travel fittings.

Master Home Whole House Structured Water Unit

Are you looking for a water structuring unit for your whole house or facility? The UMH Master Home is exactly the right device for you. Enjoy the benefits of vitalized spring water quality from every sink, shower and faucet with one water structuring device for the entire building. Once installed into the main line, you can expect a decrease in maintenance costs to all appliances connected through your home plumbing system due to the natural breakdown of limescale and other impurities. The UMH Master Home is maintenance-free, no parts need to be replaced, exchanged or cleaned.

The UMH Master Home does not contain any plastics or other artificial building materials. It is made of high-quality lead-free brass and constructed according to phi ratio geometry. It is fitted with 12 specifically selected gemstones and crystals, 10 borosilicate glass vials filled with special liquids, and EM ceramics. It creates a double-helix flow pattern and a highly sustainable energy field which influences the molecular structure of the water passing through. The UMH Master Home structures up to 23 gallons per minute and comes with standard 1” NPT female threads and therefore fits most standard water main lines (3/4 to 1 1/4 inch). Your local plumber will know how to install it for you.

The UMH Master Home is soldered into your main water line and supplies structured water to your entire house and outside garden areas. Benefit from growing plants and crops with structured water. Several plants have shown a yield increase of up to 30% when using structured water. Regenerative Agriculture Field Results. Improve the health of your animals and pets. Similar to plants, your animals and pets also thrive on structured and energized water.


Hope you consider investing in one of these many structured water devices for you and the well being of your family!  Since 2016 this has been my preferred go-to portable and home water structuring device – Docta Approved <3

Learn more about the benefits of drinking structured water here.

Last Updated November 19, 2022.

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