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OmniQard EMF Card

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OmniQard EMF Cards

OmniQard EMF Cards are amazing technology which have been shown to transform possibly harmful radiation (Bluetooth, 3G, 4G & 5G) into harmonious, bio-harmonic frequencies and energy for the benefit of our physical, emotional / mental wellbeing.

OmniQard EMF Cards are verified through science conducted at the Moscow State University (MSU) for Quantum Physics & Quantum Medicine.  These studies were performed as medical & biological tests which confirmed that the Cards offer effective protection from possibly harmful radiation. What these studies claim are that these cards support:

  • Improved Immunity
  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Focus & Concentration
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reduced Symptoms of Stress
  • Less Hunger
  • Improved Blood Values for Diabetes
  • Improved Intuition

Dr. Nick's Notes

Personally I'm very impressed with these OmniQard EMF Cards - I find these devices to be an extremely affordable lifestyle enhancement to support living in the modern age of technology for the versatility of these simple tools.  Many other of my favorite energizing / EMF modulating tools, with this notable impact on subtle energy effects often cost MUCH more ($500 - $1000+). Our home & lab both contain very powerful tools for neutralizing some harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF), and even further grounding the excitation of our electrical power grid (ie. Qi Max, Rob Potter's Deva Star, Biogeometry Tools) to create a very peaceful environment despite the dangers of modern technology.

To be clear, my major focus with this card is used as an energizing enhancement - I have less focus on using this for it's researched augmentation of harmful EMF effects.  I experience the card to be generally as advertised by the supplier - the cards harmonize materials including the body, making some disharmonic environmental toxins less distracting through my senses.  I personally am so enthralled with the potent subtle energy qualities as this card relates to charging water, food, oils in a subtly powerful way.  The actually fragrance of oils can change / enhance in a highly favorable way with appropriate use.

Unlike a Faraday Cage, these cards do not reduce EMFs but rather offer protection by structuring the water molecules in the body to its most stable hexagonal structure.  Force Field EMF claims these cards create a quantum vacuum field of up to 6 feet around the card!  I experience these as energizing, harmonizing and helpful tools that are low-weight, relatively affordable with much versatility.

Usage:  These devices offer two distinctive sides with unique energy profiles for each, one more Masculine / Fire and the other more Feminine / Water.  I find each of the EMF Card's sides has a vastly different character and with regard to enhancing the oils energetic quality, the more Feminine side seems to be the side I use for a majority of the oils (ie.~70-75%) as most of the oils carry a more neutral or cooling quality.  The Masculine / Fire works well for very "hot" quality oils, such as Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom, Clove Bud or related firey blends (ie. Desire, Chai Perfect).

To charge the oils, I will sit the desired oil directly on the preferred side for 20 - 60+ minutes.  Water / Foods can be potentiated in the same way to energize the quality of water going in our body - this is an amazing benefit for using these cards!

We personally carry these cards on our person, in our vehicles, and have some of these near our supplements, foods and in some of our travel bags.  In 2020, our Force Field EMF Cards became an important process for charging / amplifying each of our essential oil products, and they really offer an additional enhancement energetically for our always evolving product collection!

To maintain the potency and energetic qualities of (especially!) essential oils and supplements, these are powerful, affordable devices.  Charge them on occasion as a maintenance for the potential of longer shelf-life & heightened stability.

Another wonderful usage for these cards: I find these greatly reduce computer device fatigue by keeping the card in front of my body & in between myself and my computer device.  My experience is a deeper level of clarity of mind with notable less device fatigue after longer days on the computer.  I keep these with me during travel, they are held easily in my pocket in areas of high-level of EMFs (ie. hospitals, airports / airplanes, around cell phone towers).

The OmniQard is truly a novel device with relevant energetic quality enhancement for essential oils and is worth experimenting with for AVID essential oil enthusiasts.  Hope you In-JOY the OmniQard!

<3 Dr. Nick

Last Updated February 5th, 2021.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. *


  • Assessed on January 21, 2021


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