P3-OM Probiotics by BiOptimizers

Powerful patented transient probiotic strain regularly used by Dr. Nick in his supplement regimen. 

Notes from our Friends at BiOptimizers about P3-OM Probiotics

P3-OM™ is a transient probiotic that eliminates bad bacteria fast, eats up excess sugar and protects your gut from inflammation and viruses.  This means less time being or getting sick. This also means you can get away with eating foods you had probably given up because of the way they made you feel.  P3-OM™ is superior to other probiotics because it uses a patented process (patent #: 5,895,758) to dramatically enhance L. Plantarum’s abilities, resulting in a new super strain that may be the most powerful proteolytic probiotic ever developed.  P3-OM™ is a proven, patented strain that’s shown to eliminate bad bacteria and break down protein.

Last Updated Aug 3, 2020.

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P3-OM Probiotics
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