~ Gift of Father’s Love ~

RIPE ~ Rest In Peace Eternally ~ Dennis Eric Berry ~ March 13, 2019

We are GIFTING out 1 mL of Father’s Love with each new EOW purchase until our original batch is distributed.  You are welcome to invest in a whole dram to carry the original essence and intention for Dennis Berry’s healing on this page.

The gift of my life is a celebratory offering of the legacy that my Father leaves behind on Earth. The actions I take, the love that I make, the poems that I speak, the rhythms that I gleak are all an extension of his voice and heart. When my father was diagnosed with cancer in Feb 2019, I was inspired to make an essential oil blend that represented a botanical expression of my love of my Father. To our supportive community, I am choosing to gift away this blend which was crafted during your end of days to each of our Alchemy Club members (shipping in May) and to all orders made while we have stock of this original batch, crafted while Dennis was still breathing on this planet.

Dennis, this blend of “Father’s Love” that comes through me is to honour and celebrate your memory. You represent to me the aged wisdom of our elders as your frail body breaks down like this fleeting paradigm we live in today. In this blend are the codes of true unconditional love and forgiveness from the youth to our predecessors of our collective. An acceptance of all the mistakes given by our parents, elders, institutions, corporations – I see you, I honour you, I forgive you. Thank you for these lessons!

This blend of Father’s Love was crafted to celebrate your life, our relationship and what you represent to me. The aromatic spell of my love for you Dennis, weaves together Bergamot, Tobacco Absolute, Hiba Cedarwood, Tuberose Absolute, Cabreuva & Buddhawood for a perfect expression of aged wisdom, creative inspiration ~ you are a man far beyond your time. The codes imprinted in Father’s Love will heal all lineage trauma, create forgiveness between patriarchy and provide pardon for ancient systems expressing slavery & suffering.

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The creamy base of Buddhawood blends with Tuberose to form a perfect balance of sweet desire. Cabreuva adds an aged bubbly, bright & soft character in synergy with smoky Tobacco. Tobacco is your chosen medicine and appreciated vice, which rests timelessly in this mixture to ground your essence and still the mind. Bergamot is gentle, a green citrus colour in the background that rounds the smoky Hiba Cedarwood top note.

Dennis, you smell like aged Mahogany wood stained walnut colour, with smoky tones balanced with the quaint sweet elixir of life. All the layers of the human experience, dance in the waves of this blend: creamy and aged with all of richness here on Earth. I call this gift to life eternal, “Father’s Love” to represent the eternal remembrance of the gift of my life which you helped spawn 34 years ago.

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