~ Re-Enter Yourself ~

This blend was made for balancing the energy within, which will reflect on the outside.
Combining 13 different oils, this blend was made in 3 steps:

  • Divine Masculine blend made by Dr Nick
  • Divine Feminine blend by Aline Kras
  • Junction of both on a 50/50 proportion using fractionated coconut oil as a carrier

Stillness was made in prayer intended to balance feminine and masculine energies in humans. It was considered a pituitary stimulant by neurologist chiropractor Dr George Byrnes, who suggested us it’s usage may invoke more calmness & balance.

This blend is rich, soft and soothing and it feels like her present name; find Stillness between all forces, grounding and uplifting.

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5 mL, 10 mL, 15 mL