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Dr. Nick’s Field Medical Kit


Dr. Nick's Field Medical Kit

Dr. Nick's Field Medical Kit Includes 23 products in 15 mL bottles of each of the following (unless listed otherwise).

Pure Essential Oils ~ (Lavender, Peppermint, Kava Kava (CO2), Mace/Nutmeg, Tea Tree)

Lavender - Bug Bites, burns, stress
Peppermint - Headaches, congestion, cooling
Kava Kava (CO2) - Potent relaxant, euphoriant. GABA agonist, similar in mechanism of action to alcohol. (10 grams)
Mace or Nutmeg - Warms body, great for joints, muscles (mace is outer layer of nutmeg shell)
Tea Tree - Bug bites, anti-infective. Stimulates white blood cells in body (immune booster)

Wizard Alchemy Blends (Therapeutic Formulas)
Bug Repel - Natural bug repellent - works well around the world, for wide variety of insects. Topical usage, rub into skin/clothes
Moon Cycle - Balance women's hormones, aids in cramps and PMS symptoms. Formula inspired from a massage oil clinically studied and shown to reduce PMS symptoms and spiced up a few notches.
InVigor - Invigorating formulation - may offset grogginess in a clean way hangovers. Great morning inspiration!
Pain Relief ICE - Powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic that speeds up healing process of wounds. You WILL use a lot of this product! (and I always sell out of this product)
Psychic Protection - Clears negative energy in an environment for individuals. Experiment with/around intense psychedelic experiences - used around an individual and then on their body.
ReSpire - Opens lungs/airways. Anti-microbial. Rub 1-3 drops into hands, cup hands and inhale.
Trinity - Great for headaches/muscle rubs - massage into the temples and into the muscles.
Violet Chill - Helpful for burns, inflammation, relaxation. Apply to sunburns directly with out applying too much pressure.
Tooth Ease - Apply directly to cuts, infections. Powerful numbing agent, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial. Take care on sensitive skin – use skin patch first.

Essential Oil Tinctures
Digestif Tincture - Ready to use digestive aid. 1-2 drops under tongue before/during/after meals. Take ASAP after onset of food poisoning.
Kava Relax/Chill Tincture - Great before bedtime, slows mind and relaxes body. (1 oz)
Krishna Immune Tincture - Powerful anti-microbial, immune stimulating tincture ~ great breath freshener. 1-2 drops on the tongue.
Spark! Tincture - Open lungs/throat. Powerful nasal cleanse using the advanced method of administration. See demonstration on-site!

MISC Products
Root - Very grounding, aids in restoring individual into their body. Helpful in psychedelic emergency.
Geranium - Emotional aid, opens up the heart, great for jealousy issues.
Dr. Nick's Tooth Oil - Great anti-infective agent, can apply directly to cut or wound. Or use with toothbrush or roll on floss.  Get oral hygiene sexy in the medical tent! (9 mL Roll-On)
Shower in a Bottle - Natural Spray Deodorant product. Miracle product for real ~ (1 oz)

Dr. Nick's Field Medical Kit has been field tested by the Medical Staff at Lightning in a Bottle (2016).  This Package Set was used as an adjunct to authorized medical care by some practitioners at this time.  Dr. Nick's Field Medical Kit has not been approved OR authorized by either groups ~ Essential Oil Wizardry and Dr. Nick's Field Medical Kit has no direct affiliation with The Do LaB, RGX Medical or other medical staff.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product *

** Retail Package Set value: $672 **

Last Updated Dec 3rd, 2019


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