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Ingredients – 100% pure & natural essential oils/CO2 extracts infused into vortexed spring water with added electrolytes and anti-microbial minerals.  Different botanical blends are available for varying exotic scents and effects.  Typically mixed with Morning Glory, Coral Waves or Trinity.

Docta’s Notes:  This stuff really works well.  Very effective, spray-on non-toxic deodorizer which gently kills odor-offensive bacteria during first spray application.  After a second spray application, user smells super fresh even in the absence of running water.  The formula is an blend of colloidal minerals, salts, spring water, anti-microbial CO2 extracts and botanical perfume blends. Helpful for travelers as an aid when daily showering is not available.  NOT just a mask for ripe scent – it really purifies the body odor by killing bacterium responsible for funky odor.

*Avoid use on the face – especially the eyes!  Will highly irritate mucus membranes (eyes).*

Uses:  Spray 1 squirt under each armpit.  Roll the shoulders around several times and reapply with another 1 squirts.  Can spray over body as needed – Smell anew! ~ Do not spray into the eyes, will cause irritation temporarily ~

Product is packaged in: 1 oz Miron (Violet) Glass Spray Bottles.  

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Formula / Scent

Trinity, Morning Glory, Coral Waves


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