Shower In A Bottle

~ Smell Super Fresh ~

Shower In A Bottle ~ Finally, a NATURAL DEODORANT THAT REALLY WORKS for most people!

Ingredients – 100% pure & natural essential oils / CO2 extracts infused into Vitalized Spring Water with added electrolytes and anti-microbial minerals.  Different botanical blends are available for varying exotic scents and effects.  Scent Formulations Include: Morning Glory, Coral Waves or Trinity.

Docta's Notes:  Shower In A Bottle ~ Spray Mister really works well.  Very effective, spray-on non-toxic deodorizer which gently kills odor-offensive bacteria during first spray application.  After a second spray application of Shower In A Bottle, the user smells super fresh even in the absence of running water for 1-2 days.  The formula is an blend of colloidal minerals, salts, spring water, anti-microbial CO2 extracts and botanical perfume blends. Helpful for travelers as an aid when daily showering is not available.  NOT just a mask for ripe scent - it really purifies the body odor by killing bacterium responsible for funky odor.  This coupled with conscious hygiene provides a powerful ally for travelers, adventures and outdoor enthusiasts ~ Our Shower In A Bottle (SIAB) comes in three different delightful therapeutic aromas <3

Your Aromatic Selections:

Morning Glory - Our original and most popular SIAB Formulation, warming more-masculine foresty bright. Enjoyed by men & women ~ Cedar Atlas, Frankincense Carterii (CO2), Lime (Distilled), Peppermint, Rosemary, Vetiver
Coral Waves - Cooling essential oil blend, slightly feminine, great for men & women ~ aroma like the cool oceanic waves, great for hot-sweaty climates to keep you cool! ~ Black Cumin (CO2), Elemi, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Juniper Berries (CO2), Frankincense (CO2), Blue Yarrow, Opoponax, Spearmint
Trinity - Clean, Soft & Refreshing feminine essence delivers a cool tingling and gentle aromatic protection against funk ~ Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary (CO2)

The first spray under the armpits will kill the bacteria responsible for bad fragrance ~ The second spray leaves you smelling Super Fresh!

Uses:  [Shake Bottle Before Use] Spray 1 squirt under each armpit.  Roll the shoulders around several times and reapply with another 1 squirt.  Can spray over body as needed - Smell anew! ~ Do not spray into the eyes, will cause irritation temporarily ~ *Avoid use on the face - especially the eyes!  Will highly irritate mucus membranes (eyes) *

Product is packaged in: 1 oz Miron (Violet) Glass Spray Mister Bottles.  

Last Updated December 27, 2019


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