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Sacred Toner

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~ Pamper Your Skin ~

Sacred Toner is a premium quality organic botanical skin-care product at a fair & reasonable cost.

Organic Cedar Atlas (Morocco)
Wildcrafted Frankincense Sacra (Oman)
Organic Myrrh, CO2 Extract (Somalia)
Helichrysum Hydrosol
Geranium Hydrosol
Vitalized Water

Sacred Toner

Docta's Notes: Sacred Toner was inspired by Wizard Alchemy Blend Oil of Elevation and the healing power of Helichrysum & collagen supportive Rose-Geranium hydrosols.  Sacred Toner is designed to balance skin sebum, soften the dermal layer of the skin and create a radiant glow. This product is a highly effective skin-care product designed for women, truly great for all individuals of teenage years and elder.  My personal experience is my skin seems to tighten within about 5 minutes and with a single application, my facial skin softens for several days after a single use. My skin seems to glow, soften and feel really wonderful after regular or even with irregular use ~ Sacred Toner may be the best toner for sensitive skin on the market!

Sacred Toner may be helpful at reducing blemishes, scarring or acne – Oil of Elevation alone was quite helpful for some blemish outbreaks I had experienced.  Give Sacred Toner a go ~ experiment and let us know what you discover!  Sacred Toner is a premium quality Organic botanical skin-care product at fair & reasonable costs <3


For usage, first shake the bottle well, before use.  Typically one can spray 1-3 sprays of Sacred Toner into the hands ~ massage into face with care, avoid the eyes as Sacred Toner will irritate and dry / feel sticky if applied into eyes.
To be used daily in the evenings before bedtime. Shake bottle, rub small amounts into the hands and massage into the face. Rub in gently and leave on skin without washing off.

2 reviews for Sacred Toner

  1. River Virtue

    Sacred Toner is a beautiful medicine song for your skin! It feels like being rain-kissed by the deepest and sweetest of roots, earth singing to you as you adorn your face. So incredibly refreshing, so immensely grounding.

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  2. Maggie F. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usCalifornia, United States

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