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Heaven’s Amber

(4 customer reviews)

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~ True Heavenly Amber ~

African Copal Bark, CO2 Extract
Agarwood, Oud, CO2 Extract
Cypriol (Nagarmotha)
Natural Liquidambar (Styrax)
Wildcrafted Opoponax
Pink Lotus Absolute (India)

infused into ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil (Essential Oil Blend)

Docta's Notes

After 3 years, my first all-natural amber has revealed itself. Unlike many synthetic ambers available on the market (there are only two natural ambers: Dry Distilled Himayalan Amber and Styrax. Ambergris is not amber), this is a true amber alchemized with the infinite potentiality of creativity.

Heaven's Amber was inspired to create a solid base amber essence which carries an individual into the high heavens through the etheric body. Starting with a Styrax Liquidambar base, smooth resin of Opoponax adds its rich bubble gum light to the blend. African Copal Bark marries into this blend beautifully, laying a solid, rich layer - somewhat resonate of sweet Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood - as a deep base to the form. Cypriol was the last representation to bring this blend altogether... and was my first time working with this essence!

The result? A smooth, light and full-spectrum amber blend used as a balanced botanical perfume for men/women, infused onto the body to ground the nervous system or as a sacred anointing oil.  If this isn't magickal enough, our latest remix of Heaven's Amber made the formulation even more deep and full - with fine CO2 Extracted Oud to add deep earthy tones with a sparkle of Pink Lotus to create a wondrous new formulation.

Heaven's Amber is BACK - greater and more full than ever before! <3

4 reviews for Heaven's Amber

  1. Andreas Nicolaides

    Anonymous (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    This is a masculine scent.

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  2. Michael Wesner

    Michael (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    I have tried 30+ oils now from EOW and this has become one of my favorites. I had never heard of an amber scent before but I really enjoy it. The smell is very bold and for some reason makes me think of being deep in a rainforest of some sort

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  3. Dennis Disbot

    Dennis (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usNorth Carolina, United States


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  4. River Virtue

    OH… Heaven’s Amber… Okay, this heavenly potion is absolutely hands down the most grounding smell I have ever been blessed to smell. It is like deeper than the root chakra kind of grounding. It is unlike anything I’ve ever smelled, and I am so so so grateful that I discovered this beautifully divine amber blend. AND THE OUD, just takes it to a WHOLE NEW level!! It is a must that this comes with me on all my road trips, because the deeper in nature you are, the more this blend will expand into your senses. I love that this scent is infinite and expansive in that way. In the time that I’ve had it (over a year) it has evolved and matured in a way. If you could imagine the essence of a redwood tree, and what that beautiful scent would be, this is very similar to that. It’s beyond words.

    Image #1 from River Virtue
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