Rain Dance

~ A Shaman’s Dream ~

Rain Dance ~ A collaborative blend with the San Luis Obispo community led by Erina & Sahuna Love of Shaman’s Dream through a Prayer-Dance Ceremony at the Wizard’s Den October 2016.

Ingredients - 100% pure & natural essential oils/CO2 extracts infused into ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil (Essential Oil Blend) OR Organic Craft Coconut / Lychee  Spirits (Exquisite Botanical Perfume) OR Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol (Tincture)

  • Wildcrafted Benzoin (Laos)
  • Calamus Root, CO2 Extracted (Poland)
  • Organic Ginger (Madagascar)
  • Grapefruit Essence (S. Africa)
  • Wildcrafted Howood (Madagascar)
  • Organic Niaouli Nerolidol (Madagascar)
  • Organic Blue Yarrow (S. Africa).

Docta's Notes

Rain Dance is a powerful blend which led me through a journey of a new level of alchemical birth for my creations. There was no level of thought or preconceived notions of how Rain Dance was to unfold – Alicia Mai had the starting inspiration using Calamus Root (CO2) for this formulation ~ we then went to the Essential Oil shelves and selected the rest of our botanical friends. Rain Dance is a fresh clean perfume & Ceremonial Blend ~ birthed express clean rain perfume & a powerful cleansing blend

The scent of Rain Dance is reminiscent of a wet forest after first rain, a level of clarity and brightness that feels like a rainbow. This formula was a birthing of all of our prayers for peace, alignment, calling in the ancestors, sacred plant medicines, wachuma, live in the moment, prosperity ~ 30 individuals prayers to bring this ceremony to its opening. Thank you San Luis Obispo for your clear loving energy to aid in bringing this formulation to LIFE ~

Uses: This blend has marked effect on cleaning awareness when infused into organic sugar cane alcohol and used as a tincture at 1-3 drops. Worn around the body as a botanical perfume seems to offer a level of grounding, clarity, protection and enhances levels of joy!

Last Updated December 27, 2019

3 reviews for Rain Dance

  1. River Virtue

    Rain Dance is an ABSOLUTE JOY to have around! It’s enlivening and grounding at the same time. It smells like bathing in heavenly bliss in the jungle after a refreshing rainfall, where the flowers and tree barks are just oozing with divine nectar. Notes of spicy bark and sweet citrus tickle all of your senses 🙂 Perfect for a yummy and energizing night out, if you go to ecstatic dance a lot, definitely pick some of this up!

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  2. Melanie Mitchell

    Melanie Mitchell (Essential Oil Wizardry)

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    Fun new smells! Lighten up your mood with a little Rain Dance.

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  3. Heather Power (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    Oh my goodness, Rain Dance is pure magic! “A wet forest after a first rain” is right! It even feels more like a tropical rain forest with its unique combination of herbs, roots, and fruits. My favorite use is in a spray bottle as an uplifting refresher or combined with coconut oil and applied after a shower.

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