Carnation Dreams

~ Pink Sparkles ~

Sultry soft floral extracts laid amongst delicate wood notes brings out heightened Carnation Dreams Perfume ~

Ingredients – 100% pure & natural Essential Oils/Floral Absolutes infused into Organic Craft Sugar Cane / Honey / Lychee Spirits (Exquisite Botanical Perfume)

  • Carnation Absolute (Egypt)
  • Cassie Absolute (Egypt)
  • Organic Cedar Atlas (Morocco)
  • Organic Virginian Cedar (USA)
  • Organic Cypress Leaf (France)
  • Organic Ylang Ylang Extra (Madagascar)

Docta’s Notes: Carnation Dreams is a soft floral botanical perfume that lifts up the mood, invokes confidence and is worn quite lovely on women. When I smell Carnation Dreams I see the color pink ~ the Organic Craft Sugar Cane / Honey / Lychee Spirits is a perfect base for Carnation Dreams that adds a layer of honeyed and fruity notes playing with the floral tones on the forefront which drive the fragrance deeper into the skin for prolonged attention & intention.

A gentle woody base builds into a floral expression that is perfectly balanced between the loving Carnation, intoxicating Cassie flower and sensual Ylang Ylang. Cypress Leaf adds a synergistic top note that brings a perfectly balanced botanical perfume into creation. Carnation Dreams is surely a Fuck YES!!

Uses: Worn as an exquisite botanical perfume to set your mind-body-soul in alignment. Apply to the wrist points, around the neck, chest. Exquisite applied to your clothing adornments (ie. scarf, shawl, bandana, headpieces, etc.)


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1 Dram, 10 mL


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