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~ Inspired Sunlight ~

Immersion Blend is a grounding, earthy and protective essential oil blend that inspires, elevates the mood and lifts the vibration – well balanced formulation for ceremony & balancing.

Organic Clary Sage (France)
Wildcrafted Elemi (Philippines)
Organic Lemongrass (India)
Wildcrafted Juniper Berries, CO2 Extracted (Macedonia)
Wildcrafted Ravensara (Madagascar)
Tobacco Absolute (France)
Organic Tulsi (India)

infused into ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil (Essential Oil Blend) OR Organic Craft Coconut Spirits (Perfume)


Docta's Notes

Immersion is a potent alchemical blend inspired by our first Plant Medicine Immersion event hosted at Trillium property in alliance with Lucid University in Ashland, Oregon. All the pieces of Immersion were guided into the formulation with divinity:

Clary Sage and Tulsi are two plants that were calling me for Oregon cultivation and I had already begun growing Tulsi in San Luis Obispo. Indian Lemongrass was gifted to me by a traveler in Peru who felt guided I would create something magickal. Tobacco Absolute provided deep smoky and earthy notes into the mixture. Juniper extract really helped bring the blend all together and Elemi lifted/brightened the aromatic properties. Ravensara delivers an herbaceous & cleansing note to aid in clearing energy and supports the anti-microbial properties.

Altogether Immersion is birthed, inspired by sunlight ~ very useful for grounding, lifting the mood, protection during ceremony or travel and is very bright. I find this to be a multi-purposed Soul Perfume that can be applied for its aromatic romance while also providing protection, inspiration and clearing.


Immersion is great applied to the wrist points, around the neck and to the chest for aromatic purposes. When using to clear or ground, wonderful applied to the bottom of the feet and then brushed in front/back/around the body with intent put towards application of the auric field.

~ Co-Inspired W/ Alicia Mai ~

Moment of Inspiration <Written @ Inception>

Creation comes through divine inspiration expressed botanically in the most elegant ways. Immersion is a crisp channel to reflect the healing potentials of a unisex blend for grounding, cleansing, and protecting one's energy - wonderful to apply after a bath or shower.

This new blend was birthed in collaboration with Alicia Mai and had three elements as the foundation - Clary Sage, Tulsi, and Lemongrass. The Clary Sage is quite a unique distillation at a harvest time in the season where its spicy notes bring an incredible layer through to perfumery. Tulsi plants were just gifted to me and are envisioned to grow at our new dream property in Ashland, Oregon. The Indian Lemongrass was gifted to me in Peru from a woman who knew I would create amazing expressions with her - the lemongrass is smoother and sweeter than any of the 4 lemongrass essential oils that I have previously blended with!

Taking these elements, Alicia and I chose to add Elemi, Tobacco Absolute, Juniper Berries (CO2) and Ravensara Aromatica into the mix. Tobacco Absolute richly grounds the blend and sets deep warmth into the formulation. Ravensara adds a lifting element with a spiced top-note ~ just enough Juniper Berries play to smooth out the wild Clary Sage and set a smooth mid-note. The elemi enhances the citrus notes and lifts the blend adding another top-note dimension to the finished blend. Immersion is formulated into ORMUS enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil for a powerful and balanced product which serves as a delicious, earthy botanical perfume.

On women, this seems to deliver an uplifting, sweet and powdery flavor which sits on the skin for hours. As a man, I've enjoyed how grounding, deep and warm the blend sits and expresses more of the rich tobacco notes.


2 reviews for Immersion

  1. Casey

    This blend smells DIVINE!! So far have used it in the diffuser and up and down spine with great results.

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    The sensory experience of the first inhalation. A few drops bearing you up as you give yourself to the europhia, mmm. The gentle buzz of the currents through your body. The incomparable feeling of vibrancy and elation. Immerse yourself in truth.

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