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Deep Man


~ The Frontier Beyond ~

DEEP Man explores rectified Cade and marries the theme of smoky campfire with sweet intoxicating roots, floral notes and deep woody tones.

Wildcrafted Amyris (Haiti)
Calamus Root, CO2 Extracted (Poland)
Dry Distilled Cade
Chinese Cedar (China)
Jasmine Grandiflorum (India)
Organic Lavender Reserve (var. Delphinensis), France
Wildcrafted Muhuhu (Kenya)

infused into Organic Honey Spirits

Docta's Note:

Deep Man is our first collaboration blend for 2017, synergy with Alicia Mai, professional perfumer in San Luis Obispo. Deep Man is intended to reflect a strong masculinity and embody deep western notes. DEEP Man explores rectified Cade and marries the smoky campfire with sweet intoxicating Calamus Root (CO2). A solid base of Muhuhu, Chinese Cedar, and Amyris plays with our Bio-Dynamic, High Elevation Lavender Reserve (var. delphinensis) and Jasmine Grandiflorum florals.

Alchemy of the Moment <Written At Inception>

Reminiscent of a deep pilgrimage into the fire, hardening and protective which opens up to soft floral notes tantalizing the senses. DEEP Man is an honouring fragrance to explore the outer regions of creative exquisite perfumes. Thank you Alicia, we have done it again!! Integrate your being with the desert through the flames aromatically ~ DEEP Man ~


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