Abramelin Quintessential Oil

~ Oil of Aspiration ~

Exclusively co-created in collaboration with the Temple of Awakening Divinity -  we have crafted the very finest "full spectrum” magical oil of Abramelin. Utilizing both the ancient Hebraic formula of temple anointing oil, in combination with more modern magical formulas (Crowley/Mathers) that effectively synthesizes the 5 elements; optimized for your anointing pleasure and other magical purposes. This potent blend of Abramelin oil contains some extra special and rare ingredients lovingly and expertly combined with magical invocations for increased efficacy. The Abramelin Quintessential Oil of Aspiration contains:  Cassia (CO2) and Cinnamon Bark / Leaf for Fire, Myrrh (C02) for Water, Calamus Root (C02) and aromatic "Kaneh-Bosom" extract for Air,  all perfectly infused into the purest, organic, extra virgin "Ojai Olive Oil Co." olive oil for Earth.  With the addition of the alchemical powder of Quintessence & White Powder Gold. This is a truly amazing magical formula unlike any other and must be experienced to be fully appreciated.
This exclusive limited run is available while supplies last.  This product formulation is in colLABoration with The Temple of Awakening Divinity ~
Ingredients: Calamus Root (CO2), Cassia (CO2), Cinnamon Bark / Leaf, Kaneh Bosem, Myrrh (CO2) infused in Ojai Olive Oil enhanced with Sacred ingredients including Quintessence & White Powder Gold. Evoked with invocations & intention for healing.

4 reviews for Abramelin Quintessential Oil

  1. Molly Pekula

    Molly Pekula (Essential Oil Wizardry)


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  2. Brandon Tontz

    Brandon (Essential Oil Wizardry)

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  3. Laura Crow

    Laura Crow (Essential Oil Wizardry)

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  4. Ruthie Huron

    Anonymous (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    Beautiful, blissful, expansive…delicious blend. Love.

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