Dreamporting Elixir




Dreamporting Elixir

Dreamporting Elixir is designed to reprogram your cells and shift your frequency in response to your intention. 

Alignment with your wishes can be difficult if your subconscious is opposing you due to fear or negativity. The alchemy in this blend was created specifically to make it faster and easier to shift your life and experience to that of your dreams by re-coding your energy fields and detaching from limitation.  Most people feel a surprisingly powerful and instant rise in their consciousness the moment they take a drop of this potion.

Infused with bespoke essential oils known for their vibration raising properties, a proprietary matrix of superconducting colloidal and monatomic minerals, and rare energetic essences from spiritual masters, all alchemized using ancient hermetic principles, the Dreamporting Elixir is here to align your sovereign will to manifest the life of your dreams.

This Elixir is designed to work alongside the Dreamporting system to shift timelines. If you wish to have a deeper experience, feel free to watch the free masterclass and discover The 7 Ancient Keys to Materialize Your Dreams at www.dreamporting.com.

Ingredients: Vanuatu Sandalwood, Nutmeg CO2, Cardamom CO2, Bourbon Rose Absolute, Blue Lotus Absolute, Frankincense Sacra, Peppermint, Energetic Essences & Monatomic Elements infused into Organic Honey Spirits

Collaboration with Daniel Raphael & The Dreamporting Project ~ 108 Bottles Birthed on December 14, 2020
Learn More Info about usage at dreamporting.com/magic.

Last Updated February 25, 2021

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5 mL Tincture

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