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ORMUS Enhanced Live Oil

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Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Celtic Sea Salt infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)

Our ORMUS Enhanced Live Oil is a beautiful soft alchemical fun-folding that takes 1-3 months to mature, through daily mechanical shaking.  This is a NON-CHEMICAL SOLVENT EXTRACTION that uses mechanical force and long periods of time to extract the proported ORMUS from the salts. We've been testing the usage of Ultrasonic Extraction to create a more complete separation of the ORMUS into the FCO while minimizing the EMF the Ultrasonic Machine generates using electrical energy for the maximum quality of product.

We are feeling satisfied with the final product we are producing!

Theories - Why ORMUS Enhanced Live Oil?:  Think about water absorption into the human body - when salts / minerals are infused into the water, the body more readily receives the water, into the cells.  The saturated mineral contact infused into the carrier oil, helps to drive the essential oils deeper into the body when combined together.  Subjectively, Dr. Nick has had the following observations:

  1. Therapeutic Formulas tend to increase in the potency.
  2. Therapeutic profile of essential oil blends seems to extend and be more pronounced (estimated ~1-2 hours)
  3. The aromatic profile seems to "pop" and offer a more multi-dimensional experience.
  4. The aromatic qualities also seem to last longer, wearing on the body.

~ Gratitude for Yosef Stone, a magickal perfumer who shared the concept of Live Oil Infusions with me around 2016 ~

Note:  As a brand new product we are offering, we do not yet have a professional Essential Oil Wizardry label for this product.  Please In-JOY!

1 review for ORMUS Enhanced Live Oil

  1. Ellen Bird

    Ellen Bird (store manager)

    Thanks so much for your feedback, and your continued support! We appreciate it so much <3

  2. Anonymous

    I LOVE THIS ORMUS. The only one like it in oil form. I can taste and feel the quality. I appreciate the integrity of this product. Will continue to purchase month after month

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