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Radiant Skin Care Set

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Radiant Skin Care Set

Essential Oil Wizardry's Radiant Skin Care Set consists of carefully selected, skin nutrition ~ non-pore clogging, well absorbed CO2 Extracts used by Dr. Nick for his personal hygiene.  Dr. Nick combines usage of the CO2 Extracts in the shower in his palm and rubs into the face and / or skin.  Raspberry Seed / Rose Hip Seed / Seabuckthorn Pulp are all rich in essential fatty acids and are highly absorbed well into the skin, providing ideal nutrition into epidermis.  CO2 Myrrh is one of the best essential oils for skin tightening, especially in the formulated Sacred Toner!

The Sacred Toner is applied 2x / day, AM / PM ~ sprayed into the hands and massaged into the face.  This product literally makes the skin shine more in the light after application and absorbs into the skin and feels like it tightens skin / pores within 5-10 minutes.  The Radiant Skin Care Set is Dr. Nick's personal skin care collection, we hope that you find more vibrant, happy & healthy skin with it's daily usage!

Radiant Skin Care Set delivers the best essential oils for skin care of the highest alignment ~ sustainably grown, organic CO2 extracts to empower a more vibrant you with healthier skin!  Radiant Skin Care Set includes:

Usage:  Apply oils on as desired daily.  Combine each oil extracts into palm and massage into the skin or face.  Great ritual in the shower, or upon rising when washing the face or before bedtime.  Use Sacred Toner in the rising and / or during the evening for radiantly healthy skin.  Seabuckthorn Pulp contains carotenoids which can stain clothing, or temporarily dye skin so be aware of this when applying.

Last Updated August 15, 2022.

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