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Chek Alchemy Collection

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$100.00$343.00 or subscribe and save 10%

The following collections contain 5 mL Wizard Alchemy Blends infused in Organic Alcohol as a complement to Paul’s course “Herbal Alchemy with Paul Chek” ~

Paul’s personal favorite blends are highlighted in Green for these four options:

Starter PackSuper Immune Boost, Spark!, Cosmic Orgasm, Diviner’s Eye

Variety Pack
Super Immune Boost, Spark!, Cosmic Orgasm, Diviner’s Eye, Frank Myrrh & Gold, Ecstatic Dance Drops, ReSpire, Release

Chek’s Alchemist Pack
Super Immune Boost, Spark!, Cosmic Orgasm, Diviner’s Eye, Frank Myrrh & Gold, Ecstatic Dance Drops, Celest-TreeAL, Third Eye, ReSpire, Release, Digestif, Euphoria Drops

Sacred 16Super Immune Boost, Spark!, Cosmic Orgasm, Diviner’s Eye, Frank Myrrh & Gold, Ecstatic Dance Drops, Celest-TreeAL, Third Eye, ReSpire, Release, Digestif, Euphoria Drops, EaseOlution, Blue Lotus Tincture, EmPower, Sacred Ritual

Chek's Alchemy Collection

In collaboration Paul Chek and Essential Oil Wizardry have put some deep thought and loving intention to bring some of Paul's favorite tincture formulations together with some of Dr. Nick's favorite tinctures, to create a broad spectrum exploration into the world of herbal alchemy.  From this collection you may gain many months to years of botanical guidance, medicinal value, deep introspective insights, meditative tools and novel experiences to open your heart and deepen your awareness.

These tinctures have been one instrumental layer to expanding Paul's experience of using the Volcano device for several years now, and using his techniques you may choose to deepen your practice for communing with sacred herbs using these tinctures.  We both advise you to listen to your body when you choose to vaporize or inhale any powerful plants or extracts.  This journey for exploring inhaled extracts is not one well documented in the literature, so if your body reacts unfavorably, consider reducing dosage, frequency, or abstaining usage altogether.  For best technique both Paul and Nick suggest allowing the alcohol to completely evaporate away from the plant material before inhaling - either by allowing the tincture enriched plant material to heat for a few moments on the Volcano device before placing the bag on top, or by allowing 5-15+ minutes of time after applying the tincture to the plant material, allowing the high-proof alcohol to naturally evaporate off.

Dr. Nick has put together a very special, custom collection of 4, 8, 12 or 16 different Wizard Alchemy Blends as 5 mL tinctures, while including a built-in discount of 10-20% for each package.  Many of these Tinctures are not regularly available in the 5 mL sizes and have been packaged in this way to allow a broad diversification, at the lowest available cost for the Chek Community!  Use your coupon code given to you during the course to receive an additional 10% off your purchase, saving up to 30% off!

The following collections contain 5 mL Wizard Alchemy Blends infused in Organic Alcohol ~ Paul's favorites are highlighted in Green in these four options:


Starter Pack
Super Immune Boost - Cooling, Enlivening and expands your throat and lungs. Great for stimulating the immune system and during minor illness.
Spark! - Helpful for opening the lungs and breaking up mucous / phlegm.  One of Dr. Nick's favorites for inhalation and respiratory clearing.
Cosmic Orgasm - Calming, soothing and expansive - Energizing and meditative ~ the flavor profile transforms from an uplifting Blood Orange, to an earthy Cedar & finishes with a sweet-soft Sandalwood.
Diviner's Eye - Enhances intuition, clarity of mind and calming for the nervous system.  Many different sacred resins & tree essences

Variety Pack
Frank, Myrrh & Gold - Heightens awareness for the moment, clarifying - great for meditation & ceremonial usage.
Ecstatic Dance Drops - Increased awareness of the present moment, mildly energizing, heart opening, brings a level of joy and amazing flavor profile.
ReSpire - Helps open the throat and lungs, very cooling and refreshing.  Boasts immune stimulating qualities and helps to clear the lungs.  A staple!
Release - Release supports creating new habits & patterns, and letting go of old ones which no longer serve.  Very potent flavor profile and highly potent therapeutic activity when coupled with intention.

Chek's Alchemist Pack
Celest-TreeAL - Six different tree essences, this formulation brings a deep level of inner serenity, enhances intuition, calms the nervous system & stimulates awareness.
Third Eye - Opens brow chakra to increased awareness, deepens sensitivity to the physical body, heavenly flavor profile, enhances intuition.  Amazing shared with friends and used for ceremonial purposes.
Digestif - Cooling to the throat / lungs ~ may support immunity, upset stomach, gas & bloating.  Nice to combine with stomachic herbs such as Cardamom, Anise, mints or Licorice.
Euphoria Drops - Non-linear mild-moderate euphoria, great for creativity, end of day after tasks, may enhance mood and affect your nervous system with mild stimulation.  Best enjoyed with creative tasks & times ~

Sacred 16
- Mild euphoria, mood elevation, calms the nervous system and may aid with muscle / body aches.
Blue Lotus Tincture - Blue Lotus boasts an amazing flavor profile and heavenly honey floral notes on the palate.  The effects of Blue Lotus are subtle & powerful for tuning into a higher state of awareness.  Perfect for meditation, for use with ceremony and attuning your senses to the energetic subtleties.
EmPower - Very grounding, EmPower delivers a notable energetic quality to aid with one's embodiment, expression and clears blocks around communication.
Sacred Ritual - Cleanse your mind and environment, Sacred Ritual is centering, energizing and balanced perfectly with a soft uplifting euphoria.

Paul's Favorites

Frank, Myrrh & Gold, Super Immune Boost, Cosmic Orgasm, Spark!, Ecstatic Dance Drops, Celest-TreeAL, Diviner's Eye, Third Eye

Additional Notes

At a later time, we may share deeper about additional pure extracts I have grown to love over the past decade through the use of my Essential VAAAPP and appropriate vaporization techniques.  If there is enough community interest, we may even extend additional options within the Chek Alchemy Collection to include some pure essential oils & COz2 extracts.

*If you are considering using these Wizard Alchemy Blends infused in Organic Alcohol for vaporization, you must first evaporate off the excess alcohol before inhaling. Please refer to Paul's course "Herbal Alchemy with Paul Chek" for additional information and recommendations about appropriate vaporization usage.*

Discount Breakdown

Starter Pack 5 mL - $20 / $25 / $33 / $33 = $111 ~ $100 (10% off)
Variety Pack 5 mL - $33 / $25 / $20 / $20 = $98 (+$111) = $209 ~ $177 (15% off)
Chek's Alchemist Pack 5 mL - 5 mL - $33 / $33 / $20 / $25 = $111 + ($209) = $320 ~ $255 (20% off)
Sacred 16 Set 5 mL - 5 mL - $20 / $44 / $20 / $25 = $109 (+$320) = $429 ~ $343 (20% off)

Last Updated December 5th, 2023.


** This product set has not been approved by the FDA. This product and each of these individual products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have history of seizure disorder or any other medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. **

4 reviews for Chek Alchemy Collection

  1. Billy B. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usUnited States

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  2. lewin thomas

    Lewin Thomas (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usFlorida, United States

    This has changed my life. If you are using vaporizers this is a must have. I look forward to unique flavors and feeling from each of these unique blends. For anyone looking to bring more spiritual luster and mindful practice to your sacred rituals of vaporizing, I highly recommend this set.

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  3. Sonja Boyce

    Sonja Boyce (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usUnited States

    Absolutely love these products! Essential Oil Wizardry is my new favorite for essential oils. Will definitely be trying more products soon.

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  4. Anonymous (Essential Oil Wizardry)

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