Diviner's Eye

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Diviner's Eye ~ Potent meditative aid that delivers increased focus to the present moment and an uplifting clarity whispered by forest essences with sacred resins & spices.

Ingredients - 100% pure & natural essential oils/CO2 extracts infused into ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil (Essential Oil Blend) OR Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol (Tincture)

  • Wildcrafted Chinese Cedar (China)
  • Wildcrafted Davana (India)
  • Wildcrafted Frankincense Sacra (Oman)
  • Organic Giant Fir (France)
  • Organic Myrrh, CO2 Extracted (Somalia)
  • Organic Pine (Canada)
  • Organic Black Pepper (Sri-Lanka)

Docta's Notes: A potent mind-enhancing aid that provides a deep level of clarity and inner peace, originally formulated as a tincture for activating the pineal gland (third-eye). The combination of woods, herbs, resins and spices seem to provide a synergistic combination that relax the nervous system, stimulate focus and clarity while bringing a sense of freshness into the field. My experience with the tincture formulation is a gentle launch into meditation. The flavor is quite fresh, with woods, greens and notes of sweet Myrrh underneath the forest top notes.

I’ve found this blend great to incorporate into morning practice or to keep in a medicine bag for ceremony or to deepen my presence in epic locations! Great solution for launching me into the zone. The essential oil blend is exquisite too – I find that it’s less cerebral and slightly more puts my body into a similar experience as written above. Maybe less clarity in the mind, more relaxation in the body with a beautifully earthy scent that calms the environment and offers a peace offering to those around you.

Diviner’s Eye is another breakthrough blend ~ collaboration with Alicia Mai!


Essential Oil Blend – Apply 2-5 drops around the body and around the wrist as a botanical perfume. Wonderful applied onto the third eye using 1 drop – amplify this effect using a tuning fork over the pineal gland.

Tincture – I enjoy using 1-2 drops on the tongue and breathing into the lungs. May be increased absorption when used sublingually (under the tongue) with increased irritation from the alcohol. The flavor profile is more savory when applied on the tongue. Use for a meditation boost or before studying.

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  1. Nicole

    This is a wonderful tool to bring a higher vibration and awareness to the third eye! My husband and I like to put a drop on our third eyes before heading out of the house and into the world – it feels like we approach the world from a higher calmer perspective. I could definitely see using thing while doing divination or ritual to add presence and space also.

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