Turkish Delight

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~ Coffee & Spice ~

Turkish Delight ~ Rich notes of cinnamon spice wafting through the Mediterranean streets, warm coffee, hints of sweet nutmeg to invite a different perspective of life.

Organic Caraway, CO2 Extracted (Germany)
Organic Cardamom, CO2 Extracted (Guatemala)
Organic Cinnamon Bark (Sri-Lanka)
Organic Coffee, CO2 Extracted (Italy)
Fresh Ginger (Indonesia)
Organic Nutmeg, CO2 Extracted (Indonesia)
Organic Patchouli Light (Sri-Lanka)

infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil


Docta's Notes

From the initial concept of creating a full expression for an authentic Turkish coffee evolved a lavish expression from various plants to add unique signatures to develop a complex botanical perfume. Super interesting applied to the face (not recommended for sensitive or sun-exposed skin) as a fiery facial toner to stimulate the pores and face and enhance circulation through counter-irritant properties!

The perfect balance was birthed with Coffee in a way previously thought impossible – the Ginger seems to bring a solid base to the blend marrying the CO2 Extracted Coffee ~ through a collaboration between the Cinnamon & Nutmeg, the mixture is heightened, softened and sweetened to leave an intoxicating trail. Caraway seems to lift other notes and hides its own signature through the exhilaration of other plant allies. Patchouli is added in just the correct proportions to allow for a more perfect perfumey expression which holds the scent for hours.

Find yourself in the Turkish lifestyle through our botanical perfume ~ Turkish Delight

Uses: Turkish Delight is a regal scent that matches with warmer skin types, darker tanned bodies and a Mediterranean vibe.  Simply apply several drops around the body as desired for fragrance.  Take awareness to avoid sensitive skin as the Caraway/Cinnamon Bark - although diluted - can be irritating for some individuals.

~ Co-developed and inspired by Alicia Mai ~

2 reviews for Turkish Delight

  1. Anonymous

    This not only smells good but TASTES great! I love adding Turkish Delight into my cookies when I am baking, raw ice creams, warm drinks, and sometimes even to my Indian curry dishes. I am so grateful that Essential Oil Wizardry has such high-grade products that makes internal use safe! Highly recommend this one if you are looking to add some flavor to your life.

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  2. Dasha (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    This perfume makes me feel like I am in Turkey again!!! When I wear it I feel so delicious it is rediculous!

    Be careful, people may want to it you when you put it on – you will be smelling like the most incredible Turkish pastries and spiced coffee.

    I love putting it in the mornings to feel exotic and elevate my mood (and everyone’s mood around me.)

    What a fun blend! Definitely try it without thinking twice!!!

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