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Custom Essential Oil Set

(2 customer reviews)

$222.00$444.00 or subscribe and save 10%

Dr. Nick’s Custom Essential Oil Set Includes:

1-2 Wizard Alchemy Blends
1-2 Pure Essential Oil / CO2 Extract
1-2 Essential Oil Tinctures
1-2 Ultrasonic Extracted Products
1-2 Exquisite Botanical Perfumes

Essential Oil Wizardry's Custom Essential Oil Set is the Best Essential Oil Starter Kit for a customized approach for YOU.  Selected by Dr. Nick himself, this makes for a wonderful Essential Oil Gift Set.

Dr. Nick will use his intuition to send you a balanced blend of essential oil products to support your current journey and aid in your growth!  If you wish to pick your own essential oil set, after purchasing this Essential Oil Starter Kit please send an email with 1-3 paragraphs, to share your intentions and current goals to [email protected]. If we don't receive a statement from you within 24-48 hours, Dr. Nick will put together the Custom Package Set without any of your guidance ~

Dr. Nick will integrate your intentions and put together the ideal Essential Oil Starter Kit to support you based on your input!  We are stoked to provide some information about specific usage for your personalized Custom Essential Oil Package Set, just message us when you receive your package set!

Personalized Custom Package Sets will often contain 5-8 products.  Partner Package Sets will often times contain 10-16 products intended for two.

Last Updated Dec 3rd. 2019

For Essential Oil Starter Kit recipes and ideas for usage, please review our webpages for the individual products in your selection to check out product descriptions and fun educational videos ~ You can also consider joining our Alchemy Tribe for more fun content and consideration for a deeper dive into the world of the oils <3

Note: Actual # of products included are dependent on types / relative cost of products selected ~

2 reviews for Custom Essential Oil Set

  1. Gina Bloemers

    Gina Bloemers (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usCalifornia, United States

    I love this custom set so much. It was to be a wedding gift for my best friend to serve and inspire for her next phase of her life. Dr Nick was very helpful and thorough and he chose absolutely beautiful oils for her set. I received much more than I thought, and I am so grateful for Dr Nicks generosity. I highly recommend ordering a custom box set.

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  2. Mitchell Antoan

    Mitchell A. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usTexas, United States

    Fantastic service. Absolute abundance here, got way more then I expected & along with service & information as well. Extremely grateful and looking forward to enjoying them all

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