Forgiveness Spray



Forgiveness Spray

~ Let Go & Forgive ~

Forgiveness Spray ~ Open Your Heart & Forgive, Floral Water to aid with transition and emotional turbulence to bring more radiance into your life.

Ingredients: Organic Rose-Geranium (S. Africa) Essential Oil infused into Vitalized Spring Water enhanced with Flower Essences

Docta’s Notes

Forgiveness Spray is a very simple, gentle and loving formulation to support transitions in relationships, emotional outbreaks and to soften energy of anger.  This heart expanding spray offers a lightness, opens the heart & really allows for letting go of anger. Useful for forgiveness, transitioning relationships and transforming environments where fights/arguments have taken place recently.  Incredible & simple blend of botanical ingredients found in the Forgiveness Spray softens the energy of the environment and expand the heart gently. Great for forgiveness and for diffusing stressful energy. Uplifts levels of joy!

Uses: Shake Well!  Simply spray 1-2 sprays of this Magick Mister around the body or over the face w/ closed eyes.  If you wear glasses, remove them to avoid staining glasses.



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    Forgiveness Spray
    Forgiveness Spray
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