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Written by Ellen Bird | April 28, 2022

Stay Harmonious With All the Magick

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Let’s Live Every Day Like it’s Earth Day!

It’s sweet that there is a day on April 22nd every year where we celebrate the Earth on an international level, and I also hope that we can all remember to celebrate Earth Day every day. To recognize the beauty, sacredness, and preciousness of our ability to thrive and live on this water planet is a huge step in the spiritual awakening and development of all humans on Earth. When we can see this life as a ceremony, a prayer, and when we start to remember how to walk in true unity with the Earth, a lot more peace gets spread, and a lot more love gets felt – far and wide.

Essential Oil Wizardry is a small, conscious company that is deeply intertwined with nature – as plants, flowers, and trees are what we see as medicine. When we can reconnect with the natural medicines of the earth and the water our bodies, minds, and spirits all become more resilient. Why is that? Living a holistic and natural lifestyle supports our reconnection with nature because the truth is, nature is all we really are! When we take the medicines, eat the foods, and live in the ways that are natural, we intrinsically become more of our essence, who we truly are, the gifts embodied we came here to be and share.

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When you are looking to connect with nature, whether you are able in that moment to plunge barefoot onto the Earth or dip yourself into a body of water, essential oils are a potent way to receive the blessings of Gaia into your everyday life. Essential oils are such a powerful tool for us humans to reconnect because essential oils are the immune system, the blood, the medicine, the essence of life! Did you know that a tree protects itself by releasing its sacred sap? What do you think happens to you when you partake in that offering? Your immune system also builds resilience and becomes no match for outside pathogens.

So, what are some of our favorite essential oils for reconnecting with nature? Well, all of them. But instead of listing all of them here (you can go to our website for that), I will share some that can make you feel like you are out in nature when you can’t be, and some that will help you deepen your connection to all that is around you when you are already outside.

ReEarth is a lovely blend of Cacao, Bergamot, Cedar, Frankincense, Tuberose, and Pine. Yes, it smells like chocolate mixed with the forest. This is a grounding blend that when smelled directly out of the bottle already starts to put energetic roots down the body. It was crafted for a two-year-old girl who needed support in calming and grounding, while also emphasizing the importance of play! Our favorite way to work with ReEarth is to pour a few drops into the hands, rub them together a couple times, and take three deep breaths in, focusing on the intention of grounding deeper into your body. Then, take what is on your hands and massage this into the bottoms of the feet. Since the pores are so large on the bottoms of the feet and all meridians of the body exist here, it is a quick way to get essential oils deep into the body relatively quickly. Now you’re ready to play and explore!


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Night on the Town

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Night on the Town is an essential oil blend with the tagline “Casual Forest Attire”. Smelling like the forest, Night on the Town is one of those all-day-every-day type of essential oil blends for those who wish to exist within a symphony of trees and citrus. With Bergamot, Cedar, Davana, Frankincense, and Silver Fir, this blend is grounding, opening, and just truly magical. As the tagline suggests, Night on the Town is intended to be used by pouring onto the hands and wearing as a perfume – for all sexes – all over the body. When I wear essential oils as botanical perfumes, I like to apply some to my wrist points, a little on my heart, some around my neck, as well as a little anoint on my third eye. This is also a great blend for taking deep inhalations of and dropping into a forest meditation.

Did you say “forest”?! Expansive Forest was exactly the essential oil blend I wanted to speak of next. This is a whole different vibration of natural medicine that we enjoy for connecting with nature. This blend is deep, foresty, green, and expansive. (I guess that’s where we got the name from!) Expansive Forest is a blend of Giant Fir, Hinoki Wood, Immortelle, Nutmeg, Opoponax, Rosemary, and Star Anise. This one reminds me of being hugged by the forest, and it is intended to bring a person into that mental state of clarity and connection, as if they were barefoot walking upon the forest floor. This one can be used on the bottoms of the feet for a feeling of more rootedness, and can also be used as a botanical perfume or as an anointing oil blend before, during, or after meditation.

Expansive Forest


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Immersion is a unique and inspiring blend of sunlight and nature. Oh! And the tagline on this one is “Inspired Sunlight”! (I’m starting to think there’s a reason for these taglines.) There are plant teachers in this blend that offer protection, grounding, a light heart, and energy to the mind, body, and spirit. Immersion is a sacred blend of Clary Sage, Elemi, Juniper, Lemongrass, Ravensara, Tobacco, and Holy Basil. It makes you feel warm, protected, and alive even from just smelling it right out of the bottle. Pour a few drops in the hands and wave around the outside of the body, cleansing the auric field. If you also want some on your body, go for the feet or the all-over-the-body method. Make sure to take three deep inhales, to allow this scent to soften, ground, and uplift.

Positive Transmission is the sacred ceremonial blend for these times. Its blend of Copal, Cedar, Elemi, Frankincense, Myrrh, White Sage, and Holy Basil is like soothing balm to the energetically sensitive. My spirit soars when I smell this one, and it’s also one of those “I’m pouring this all over myself” essential oil blends before heading into town as well as before, during, and after ceremony. Positive Transmission is here to infuse the consciousness of the plant kingdom with yours. This blend connects me right back into my center and dispels negative thoughts and emotions from me instantly. This blend is like hugging a tree or standing on the earth barefoot for 15 minutes. Take a few drops of this essential oil into your hands and smell deeply for three full breaths. See if your breathing doesn’t just slow down from this! Then you can cleanse your auric field, put on the bottom of the feet, or use as a botanical perfume. Time to meditate in nature.

Positive Transmission

$25.00$55.00 or subscribe and save 10%

Giving infinite thanks for all the essential oils that exist, and for these blends that connect us deeper with the nature that we come from. May we remember that Earth Day is truly every day, as we get to live this sacred life because of her! Plant kindness through thoughts, words, and action, and remember that the tools that come from nature are not only here to support your holistic lifestyle, but also to bring us back into alignment with who we truly are, which is nature itself.

~ Happy Earth Day ~

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