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Silver Fir Essential Oil

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Silver Fir Essential Oil (Abies alba)

Wintery and vitalizing, Silver Fir essential oil from needles produce a clear, refreshing solution to scalp massages and home diffusing in all seasons.

  • Anti-rheumetic
  • Diffuse in home / office
  • Great for Scalp massage
  • Balances Nervous System
  • Inflamed Joints
  • Respiratory Aid
  • Stimulates Immune System

Dr. Nick Notes

Silver Fir essential oil is simply awesome, one of my favorite essences extracted from trees. Reminiscent of a winter holiday, Silver Fir essential oil is a deeply cooling and refreshing essence that uplifts the mood and relaxes the mind. I've found that silver fir blends in therapeutic formulas quite wonderfully, lifting the combination and smoothing out the characteristics. It's gently stimulating while also soothing to the nervous system. SF seems to balance skin sebum levels – if your skin is overly wet, it can dry the skin back into a healthy balance.

Try placing a few drops into the fingers and massaging the chest to help with respiratory conditions or an onset of a cold/flu. High in D-Limonene, silver fir is effective for stimulating the immune system and can be directly inhaled using an Essential VAAAPP or Firefly Vaporizer. For fun with botanical perfumery, for use in therapeutic formulas, silver fir essential oil is a must have tree essence. Thanks Abies alba!

How to Use

  • Diffuser – Add 3-10 drops into your diffuser to lift and calm an environment ~ great with Blood Orange!

  • Dynamic Diffusion - Infusing a few drops into the finger tips and snapping around the environment seems to calm the area and aid in opening up the lungs.

  • Skin care - Everyday body or face creams can be made with 1 drop per 5ml or teaspoon (6 drops per oz) of carrier lotion (~1%) - try adding into facial toners/shampoos/conditioners!

  • Massage oils - try adding into massage oils for aching joints or muscles along with other oils.

  • Shower time - add 1 – 5 drops on a washcloth and rub onto your skin during your final rinse of a hot shower for a quick steam bath.

  • Inhalation - Placing 1 drop in an essential VAAAPP, gently heat and inhale to calm the mind and gently open the lungs. If no vaporizer device, you can receive a similar but lesser effect by placing 1-2 drops on the palms of your hands, rubbing them together then inhaling with palms flat to your face.

Safety Summary

Hazards: Skin sensitization if oxidized. Generally non-toxic, non-irritant (except in high concentration and to those with highly sensitive skin) and non-sensitizing. Avoid during pregnancy. Do not take silver fir essential oil internally.
Cautions: Old or oxidized oils theoretically should be avoided.

~ Adopted from Tisserand & Young, Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed. 2013 ~

Cultivation: Organic
Country of Origin: France
Parts of Plant Used: Needles
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

3 reviews for Silver Fir Essential Oil

  1. Casey Gervig

    Casey G. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usUnited States

    So Black Spruce is usually my favorite tree scent, but this has the sweetest aroma and is my new favorite!

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  2. Adam Scibich

    Adam Scibich (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usNew Jersey, United States

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  3. Josh Schiets (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    Silver Fir is my favorite essential oil from Essential Oil Wizardry. It’s scent is both embracing and calming. It reminds me of hiking through forest trails in winter, and evokes imagery of my spirit animal, the wolf. I like to diffuse Silver Fir throughout my house, typically by itself, but have blended it with Frankincense before, which was magical. I also apply on my neck and shoulders when they are tense. Don’t miss out on this product! It’s unique and familiar all at the same time.

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