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Re-NEW is stimulating and vitalizing: to the lymph, kidneys and other vital organs.  Re-NEW formulated for massage therapists, clinicians to deepen physical detoxification in “healing practices”.

Ingredients - 100% pure & natural essential oils / CO2 Extracts infused into ORMUS Enhanced Fractionated Coconut Oil (Essential Oil Blend)

  • Chypre (India)
  • Organic Cypress Leaf (France)
  • Wildcrafted Galbanum, CO2 Extracted (Iran)
  • Organic White Grapefruit (Mexico)
  • Organic Helichrysum (Bosnia | Herzegovina)
  • Wildcrafted Juniper Berries, CO2 Extracted (Macedonia)
  • Organic Rosehip Seed, CO2 Extracted (Chile)
  • Wildcrafted Xanthoxylum (Nepal)

Docta's Notes

Vital formulation Re-NEW Blend was designed to offer superior stimulation to the lymphatic system and detoxification organs through the application of physical therapy (ie. massage). As a massage therapist, Alicia envisioned a superior quality, potent detoxification support formula. Re-NEW oil is this solution.

Cypress Leaf as a broad-spectrum anti-infective properties and works as a stimulant – very uplifting/refreshing. Grapefruit is often times said to aid to metabolism of adipose tissue (fat) and to help with cellular detox as a result. Galbanum is a organ stimulant and has broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties itself making it useful for detoxification and cleansing. Some individual reports have made claims that Galbanum has been supportive for certain skin conditions (ie. eczema, psoriasis). Juniper has diuretic like properties that stimulate the lymph system, kidneys and support elimination of toxins. Helichrysum is a potent anti-inflammatory that may be used as a vulnerary for supporting wound recovery and potential reducing of scarring/stretch marks.

All of these supportive extracts have been infused into Rosehip Seed oil which works as a smooth delivery carrier with high uptake into the skin - rich in Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids. Very wonderful for deepening the therapeutic effects during massage, when applied before an infrared sauna or applied after a warm shower. Re-NEW is aweFULL ~

Uses: Re-NEW Blend is wonderful taken 5-10 drops and applied into the body with moderate pressure. Over the lymph glands, kidneys, liver or spleen using intentional massage. Great to apply to the body before sitting in an infrared sauna or after a warm shower/bath. Can be used alongside of detox protocols or infused into your massage oil during treatment. Powerful yet gentle detox support!

Quick Summary: Concentrated lymph / detoxification formulation to support cellular release, cleansing. Great for massage therapists, for use around bodily injuries, cellulite and to support body recovery.  Apply into the muscles / body as needed for detoxification and recovery. May be diluted and massaged as a whole-body oil.

~ Co-Inspired w/ Alicia Mai ~


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  1. Nikita Bhakta

    nikitabhakta30 (verified owner)

    I love mixing this blend with my massage cream and oils, clients do feel a sense of Renewal <3

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