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Written by Ellen Bird August 12, 2020

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expanding your life with essential oils

For their many therapeutic benefits, essential oils are getting more and more popular every day. From topical usage, to diffusing, and even to crafting culinary delights, there are many different applications when it comes to working with essential oils. Essential oils can be used exclusively to bring the sweet scents of nature to a person or a room, as well as support a person’s immune system, enhance the potency of a cleaning product, make your homemade chocolates even more delicious, and so much more! If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate essential oils in your life, you’ve certainly come to the right place.


topical applications


Within different categories on how to use essential oils, I would say that the topical application has the most variations. Pouring an essential oil blend or rolling an exquisite botanical perfume onto the wrist points, neck, and heart centre, quickly enhances my scent and mood anytime of the day. Some of my personal favorites for this are Blue Lotus, Sensurotic, Tiki’s Flame, and Abundance. Where I choose to apply my essential oils and perfumes depends on the enhancement I am desiring, as well as the mood I am in. If I was feeling like I could benefit from some grounding, I would pour some of an oil like Root, Vetiver, or any of the trees – like Cedar Atlas – into my hand and then apply directly to the bottoms of my feet. This is an almost instantaneous and certain way to relax the entire nervous system, as the bottoms of the feet are filled with blood vessels and thus absorb essential oils very well!


Bug Bites, Rashes, and Pain


When still on the note of how to use essential oils topically, it’s important to recognize that each essential oil has unique properties, and thus offer very specialized enhancements to the system. Depending on what you’re looking for, there is most likely an essential oil that can support you! For soothing and drastically reducing healing time of bug bites, sunburns, stings, or rashes, I like to apply an essential oil blend like Violet Chill directly onto the affected area. For wounds that are a bit more acute, I would choose something like Alleviate or Helichrysum Anoint to apply to my sensitive skin. Essential oils can also be really helpful for short-term pain relief and discomfort, and Pain Relief Ice is my go-to for that soothing, warming/cooling, and calming I am looking for when I have muscle stiffness or tenderness.


Diffusing Essential Oils


Another great way to use essential oils is to allow their scents and therapeutic qualities to fill the air. By dropping just a few drops of a pure essential oil into a diffuser, you can transform a space in a matter of moments! I have found that many offices have started diffusing essential oils, as well as many massage and chiropractic clinics. This is a great way to soothe the mind and set the mood for healing and ease to come in. You can use a variety of different oils in a diffuser – just find the ones that resonate with you the most! Typically a Lavender essential oil creates a calming atmosphere, while others like Eucalyptus or Peppermint can help alleviate chest discomfort when experiencing a cold or flu. Anthony William, the Medical Medium has shared that essential oils like Rosemary, Thyme, Sage & Bergamot may even support a room that has an issue with mold! Check out Anthony William and the podcast he created specifically on dealing with mold exposure to learn more.


use essential oils


Essential oils can be a really effective way to bring an immense amount of flavor to your food. I have added 1-2 drops of an essential oil to enhance really delicious desserts, soups, pastas, and dips. A few drops of Rose Absolute can make homemade chocolate fit for a queen! I personally love to add spicy essential oil blends like Turkish Delight or Chai Perfect to my banana ‘nice cream’. The very important thing to know about using essential oils in food, is that less is more! I must say, I’ve ruined an entire batch of pasta because I put three drops of Greek Oregano into the red sauce! Though, when you put the right amount in, it’s truly a special alchemical process that takes place. 

My recommendation when working with essential oils within food is to dilute the oil with the olive or coconut oil (or other type of fat) that you are incorporating into the recipe. This way you can hit the sweet (or savory!) spot, and not have to waste an entire dish. *And please, do research on essential oils for internal use before deciding to add them to your dishes, as not all essential oils are meant to be used internally!*


I must admit, I do not have much personal experience creating my own beauty products, but I know many people and small companies that do. Essential oils can go a really long way when making things like misters and room sprays, as well as adding therapeutic benefits to your face and body creams. In 8 oz of your face moisturizing cream, you can add about 20 drops of your favorite oils like Frankincense, Rosehip Seed Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Seabuckthorn Pulp, Carrot Seed, or Sandalwood depending on what benefit you are wanting your essential oils to provide. Essential Oil Wizardry offers many all-natural beauty products which all contain essential oils specific to the intention. Some of my personal favorites are Sexy Hair, Nutmeg Massage Oil, Shower in a Bottle, and Sacred Toner
What are some of your favorite ways to use essential oils? Even though I’ve written about a few of them, I’m sure I’ve only touched the surface! If you have any favorite ways to work with essential oils, I would love to hear about some of your at-home recipes in the comments below. Have fun exploring the essential oil potentials!

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