Lavender Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)

Enveloped and floating on a cloud of amethyst sweetness, lavender oil transports you to a world of relaxation and restful dreams.

- Aids in wound healing
- Anti-microbial
- Anxiety
- Autoimmune hair loss (Alopecia areata)
- Burns
- Headaches
- Insomnia
- May decrease Blood Pressure (see Dr. Nick’s Notes)
- Pain relief

Dr. Nick Notes

Often referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils because of its cure-all properties, lavender oil provides a fragrant cloud of violet bliss, sweeping away all tension, anger, and angst. Great for calming emotions and applying on topically for wounds, undiluted. Excellent for relaxing children, rubbed directly onto the bottom of feet before bed.  This is one essential oil which is not irritating applied during to the skin (applied “NEAT”).

Lavender oil should be kept in everyone’s mobile medicine chest.  Rubbed into the temples, lavender may abort a headache in a short period of time (try combining with Rosemary or Peppermint oils).  This can be added into Dr. Bronner’s to create a relaxing soap or cleaning solution or 15 drops/oz into a massage oil.  Add into Red Raspberry Leaf oil for a homemade sunscreen moisturizer which doubles for burn recovery.  Wonderful vaporized in an Essential VAAAPP for a relaxing treat or added into some foods at appropriate concentration (1-2 drops) ~ ie. lavender chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

EO aficionados will find a depth of variety in the world of lavender ranging from fluffy amethyst clouds, pungent violet fragrance, to a potent anti-microbial lung stimulating oil.  Many different varietals of lavender are harvested, distilled and used around the globe (ie. Spike Lavender, Lavendin, Lavender, etc).  Different varietals may have more concentrated benefits of anti-microbial vs. relaxation or respiratory properties. Lavender is one of the most widely used essential oils today and can be found in baked goods, candles, cosmetic products, detergents, massage oils, perfumes, powders, soaps and teas. There are many different type of lavender although English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the most common. Others include L. burnamii, L. dentate, L. dhofarensis, L. latifolia, and L. stoechas.

Currently we are offering a high-elevation Organic Lavender Vera which is very well-balanced and full-bodied with subtle layers ~ a sweet French varietal at an excellent price - S. African is my lavender which offers the best value for the cost in my opinion.  My favorite lavender that we have available in bulk quantity is Lavender Vera (Fine) which is offered at a slightly higher cost than S. African and still at an excellent price.

There's several other organic lavender essential oils that we offer and will stock frequently.  I'll highlight them here:

Lavender, Fine (Vera), France

This lavender is a gorgeous organic high-elevation lavender from France.  The distiller is a French master who produces some of the world's finest botanical extracts and uses premium quality organic lavender essential oil produced on his lands for this product.  Excellent price, superior quality, my current go-to lavender!

Lavender Mailette, Drome Valley, France AND Washington State

My favorite lavender I've ever smelt, sweeter than most varietals of lavender oil.  Lavender Mailette is a french varietal of Lavendula angustifolia. John Steele states that some tested lavender mailette contain higher concentrations of linalool than other lavender varietals. Linalool is helpful for reducing anxiety, stress, muscle tension.

Lavender, Bulgarian or S. Africa

The best value I have for lavender and the lavender I typically recommend to most folks - about 80% as wonderful as the French Lavender, yet about 30% cheaper in cost.  Sweeter than most varietals of lavender.

Lavender Reserve (Lavendula angustifolia var. delphinesis), France

High elevation, impressively complex lavender essential oil. For EO aficionados, this multi-dimensional lavender is an enticing option.  So many layers of rich, deep velvet to submerge when inhaling this option.  Not as sweet as the mailette and also the most complex bouquet we carry. OUT OF STOCK

How to Use Lavender Oil

Diffuser: Place 1-2 drops to create a relaxing ambience at home, the workplace, or anywhere else a calming effect is desired. You can also place a drop or two on a cotton ball for similar effects.

Essential VAAAPP: Place 1 drop inside clean glass VAAAPP vial. Apply flame one inch below the oil inside vial.  Heat for approximately 3-5 seconds – you should NOT see smoke.  Inhale as directed for a violet dream of relaxation. Enjoy at bedtime. May also be used during anxious moments… efficient delivery system into bloodstream immediately as noted in smoking/vaporizing absorption.

Migraine/Headache: Place 1-2 lavender essential oil drops on area above the lip directly underneath nose (avoid placing oil inside nasal cavity & keep out of eyes)

Topical pain massage: Place 1-2 drops lavender oil per 5ml carrier lotion or oil. Massage affected area as needed. This pain potion can be used for sore or crampy muscles including but not limited to menstrual cramping.  Can be used neat (undiluted), non-irritant.

Head Lice:  10 drops tea tree oil and 1 drop lavender oil per 5ml carrier solution (10% TTO w/v and 1% lavender w/v). Base solutions including ethanol and ispropanol (1:1) 50% in water or 96% ethanol by itself have been used in studies (Audino, Barker)

Terpenes: linalool, linalyl acetate, camphor, borneol, terpinene, 1,8-cineol, pinene, limonene, perilyl alcohol.

~ Be Blessed ~


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    A classic and have yet to find a better lavender out there from another farm or brand.

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  2. Ashley Benson

    Absolutely beautiful and relaxing. We use this essential oil in our little mans after bath body oil and I use it as a perfume as well. Love it!!

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