Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil

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Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil (Santalum paniculatum)

Luscious botanical essence harvested from tropical areas around the globe revered for its spiritual, meditation and healing properties. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil may be the finest sandalwood oil being distilled on the planet at this time; sweet, rich and phenomenal for blending botanical perfumes!  Benefits of Sandalwood oil include:

  • Anticarcinogenic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial / anti-viral (herpes)
  • Antiseptic (urinary and pulmonary)
  • Antispasmodic
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Astringent
  • Bactericidal
  • Botanical Perfumery
  • Carminative
  • Cicatrisant
  • Diuretic
  • Expectorant
  • Fixative in Perfumery
  • Fungicidal / Insecticidal
  • Mood Elevating
  • Sedative
  • Skin Care
  • Tonic

Dr. Nick Notes

My love for sandalwood oil has exponentially increased to a potentially unreal experience.  This oil is a therapeutic healing essence offering some of the world’s richest notes: sweet in the most balanced, earthy & etheric descriptors imaginable.  Hawaiian Sandalwood is the perfect essence - addicting in the best ways possible.  I now understand the idea that no matter how much sandalwood oil a collector has, it will never be enough. My stock is being challenged each order of Sandalwood I fulfill and I’m honored to be in the position where I’m able to hold so much quantity in a single bottle.

Divinely sweet, earthy nectar, truly a precious oil produced from wood harvested from a sustainable eco-farm in the north part of Big Island Hawaii.  As trees are harvested for product, room is made for the beginning of 3-6 new sprouts – this operation is intentionally hedging the amount of wood harvested each year to consider future generations.

If you enjoy blending and developing your own products including massage oils, botanical fragrances, therapeutic formulas, you will love Royal Sandalwood in your collection.  Grab an ounce, if it's available - you won’t ever regret your investment… chances are you will ask yourself one day why you didn’t get more when you had the chance… always consider this precious resource in limited supply.

Sandalwood may be very similar to frankincense in therapeutic effects.  It may relieve symptoms associated with lumbago and the sciatic nerves, regenerating bone cartilage, catarrh, coughs, sore throat, tuberculosis, cystitis, lymphatic system, menstrual problems, acne, skin infection and regeneration of cells. As an emotional tool, may unlock trauma helping nervous tension, and stress-related complaints, elevate the mood, relax one into more restful sleep through deeper levels of relaxation.  Sandalwood calms, harmonizes and balances the emotions.

Super helpful applied topically for herpes outbreak, effective against both HSV-1 HSV-2 (though it's more effective against HSV-1). Great for sensual experiences with lovers dropped into a warm bath with a few drops of rose oil. Sandalwood calms the nerves and deepens connection towards spiritual connection.

How to Use

Very useful in meditation.  Diffuse or wear by applying neat in low amounts to reflex points of the feet and/or directly on area of concern. Add to creams or lotions: try 4-15 drops per 1 oz (30ml) of carrier oil/lotion. Excellent for skin care to balance overly oily skin, to nourish & hydrate and effective against acne. Infuse several drops into a bath with rose essence for a sensual experience, alone or with a partner. Soar with the kings ~ try 1 drop vaporized in an Essential VAAAPP for a cosmic treat.

Apply thin coat directly onto HPV lesions – see patent US 6132756 A. Rub into wrists, around third eye, neck, under the nostrils, into the feet, around sensual areas (DO NOT APPLY TO SENSITIVE AREAS ie. vagina, anus) like inner thigh. Perfect for blending with other EOs and botanical essences in botanical perfumery - try adding with cedar, citrus, florals and other heavenly notes. ~ In-JOY!


Very rare: may cause of adverse skin reactions including contact dermatitis and allergic reactions. Try skin patch test to assure compatibility prior to use on body.

~ Be Blessed ~

Scent: Sweet, rich ribbon of exotic zen. Soft base note with tones of wood overlayed with honey.
Blends Well With: Black Pepper, Cypress, Frankincense, Rose, Clove, Lavender, Bergamot, Rosewood, Geranium, Vetiver, Patchouli, Jasmine, Lemon, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang

Cultivation: Eco-sustainable, Wildharvested
Origin: Hawaii, Big Island
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Terpenes: Primarily α- & β-santalols (90% ), α- & β santalenes.


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Use of sandalwood oil for the prevention and treatment of warts, skin blemishes and other viral-induced tumors. Patent US 6132756 A. Publication date Oct 17, 2000

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. *

4 reviews for Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil

  1. Romo Japhet

    Romo J. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usCalifornia, United States

    A very fine essential oil with an amazingly lovely wood-y smell that takes me to the desert 🏜 great to apply some anywhere I am to give me a sense of serenity

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  2. Marisa Bello

    Marisa (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usCalifornia, United States

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  3. stanley mckinney

    Anonymous (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usUnited States

    Outstanding sandalwood oil, i’m enjoying it very much.

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  4. Rachel P. (Essential Oil Wizardry)

    usUnited States

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