How to be healthy, amidst the chaos

Written by Ellen Bird | May 6, 2020

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how to be healthy: taking your health into your own hands

Being alive during this very potent time in history may feel full-on at times. Questions on how to be healthy when we are hearing about or even witnessing others around us getting sick seem to flood the collective consciousness. With all of the information that is seemingly non-stop about the “Corona Virus Pandemic”, very little of it is actual information on how to stay healthy during these times! If we have the right natural tools to keep our minds, bodies, and spirits balanced and vital, there is no need to fear an infection from any virus, bacteria, or other tiny messenger.

Eat Colorful, Fresh, Vitamin-Rich Foods:

One of the simplest and most direct forms of health is contained within the food we eat. Yes, diet is not everything, and yes, it does play a huge role in how well our bodies function! When we are choosing to eat things like organic fresh fruits and vegetables, we are doing our bodies a favor in many different ways. Fresh, raw foods contain their own electromagnetic field as well as enzymes that help the foods break down on their own! This means the more fresh fruits and vegetables we choose to eat, the more directly we are receiving their nutrients, and the easier it is on our bodies to break them down. This gives your system ample time to rest and turn on the “healing” mechanisms innate to the body. Essential vitamins, structured water, & minerals that support health and immunity are readily bio-available in fresh fruits and vegetables. For me, eating as much fresh food, as many colors of the rainbow as I can, is a great way of knowing I am getting all my essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D is very supportive to the immune system as well, so standing outside and getting sunlight on the skin is the best way to receive this natural and potent medicine!


Ground Therapy / Earthing:

Believe it or not, the act of standing on the natural ground (earth, grass, sand, etc.) with our bare feet is one of the best things for our health! The electromagnetic field from the earth connects us to our body’s own life-giving electromagnetic field when standing barefoot, laying in the grass, or putting our hands in the soil. One of my all-time favorite forms of claiming my health amidst the chaos is to ‘Earth’, because it feels so good, and is abundant and free! Even fifteen minutes a day can reform and realign your electromagnetic field with that of the natural energetic field around us. This leads to a number of beneficial effects on the body, the main being the reduction of chronic inflammation, which is the leading underlying cause for much of the disease and disorders we witness as so prevalent within humanity today. One of the biggest upgrades in our personal lives lately has been our investment in Earthing Products, which allow us to be in a grounded state when we don’t have access to the outside, like during work hours and while asleep. Check out the full Earthing Movie on the website to witness the man who “invented” Earthing and took it through scientific studies. It is quite miraculous (and makes a lot of sense at the same time) how much our health can be shifted just by being in direct connection with our Mother!

diffusing essential oils is a great way to breathe in the healing powers of plants while inside your house

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are our personal go-to therapeutic remedy for just about everything health-related. With the ability to utilize these ingenious natural allies in a variety of different ways, essential oils are extremely versatile, as well as potent for warding off pathogens and viruses. During the “Corona Virus outbreak”, we have had either Respire or Immunity Oil working in our ultrasonic diffuser almost every day – These are both great bronchodilators (meaning they open the lungs and support the respiratory system) as well as contain anti-microbial properties. If you don’t have either of these blends, pure essential oils like Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint, Oregano, Thyme, Ravintsara Oil & Eucalyptus are amazing to diffuse on their own, and all provide immuno-modulating benefits. Simply pouring out a few drops of your favorite essential oils into your hands and breathing them into your lungs deeply, allows for the medicinal magick to spread its way through your entire system as well.


Supplements & Tinctures:

In can be hard sometimes to know how to be healthy when there are so many different supplements available! For me, I tend to move towards medicinal mushrooms during the colder time of the year. This is because mushrooms are some of the most amazing messengers of immune-supporting information! Lion’s Mane has been documented again and again for its immuno-modulating components, as well as Reishi, Turkey Tail, & Cordyceps. Other immune supporting herbs are Pau d’Arco and Cat’s Claw. To make the most out of these herbs, finding a tincture that extracts the plant material ultrasonically is great because it keeps the vitality of the plants and herbs intact and thus much more bioavailable and truly alive! Check out our entire section on Ultrasonic Extractions to learn more about this novel extraction method.

Carbon 60 (or C60) is another all-around amazing supplement to help with overall health and longevity. Studies done with rats showed that the rodents administered Carbon 60 ended up living significantly longer! (You can find the Pub Med research study on C60 here.) For humans, it has shown to be a highly potent anti-inflammatory supplement. I have been working with C60 daily the past three months and I have found that my chronic pain has reduced to about 20% of what it used to be, as well as am experiencing a higher energy level, more joy, and my body, mind, and spirit are feeling healthier than ever! Check out C60+ for a truly amazing alchemical creation highlighting C60 as the main ingredient.

Meditation / Mindful Movement:

I find that even more important than supplementation, and even food to some degree, is having a daily meditation or mindful movement practice. For me, meditation is the first activity of the day, every day, no matter what. In the internal stillness that can be found during a mindful movement or meditation practice, everything in the body and mind start to become highly coherent. Coherency is what health is! Balance, harmony, vitality, strength, and all other related states of being come from a highly functional and regulated system – and meditation brings you there. Essential oil blends like Third Eye and tinctures like our Ultrasonic Skullcap can be a great addition to any meditation practice! To get supported on your inward journey, check out this article about which essential oils are great allies for meditation.

Being able to release all thoughts, emotions, fear, disturbances, excitements, dreams you had during your sleep (etc) first thing in the morning, is an immediate reset button to the system! With meditation as your first priority, you get to start off each day with a fresh and spacious slate, which allows for creation (rather than reactivity or stress) to be easily accessed and utilized.


Yes, I said it! And I have to say as well, creativity is not something that is emphasized enough (or at all) by our society! Being creative with our energy is a sure way to health. When we are feeling any emotion at all, art and creativity is one of the best outlets of releasing or channeling what is coming through us. During a time of fear, create something; During a time of joy, create something; During a time of confusion and chaos, create something! (I think you get the picture…) Whether it’s stepping outside and rearranging rocks and other natural things to make a sculpture or a mandala, picking up your guitar and strumming and singing along, writing freeflow stream of consciousness in your journal, or crafting a draft of the newest workshop you are inspired in offer, creation brings vital energy and inner-coherence which leads to regulation of the nervous system. I find that whenever I allow myself to create, I always come back calmer, more connected to my heart, my own internal rhythm, and the world around me. It regulates my mood, my emotions, my nervous system, and my energy body unlike any other modality. Create something for the sake of creation! It might just be what you had been missing.

With the support of Mother Earth, the plants and their medicines, and our own innate stream of potential and creation, we all have access to the tools of total health and vitality. How amazing is it, and different, to hear that getting closer to ourselves and to nature is how to be healthy?! With all of the intense messages around us trying to pull us this way and that way in order to sell us the newest pharmaceutical or piece of technology, it is empowering to know that the true preventative and curative paths are both within us! In nature, we are gifted mushrooms, plants, and herbs that each individually as well as combined offer us messages that are subtle yet powerful, and they all direct us back to total harmony with nature. Amidst the chaos, know that nature has you, that your own innate intelligence within your body has you, and that you know exactly how to be healthy, as soon as you start dropping in to the voice of intelligent love that exists all around you, as well as within.

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